Things & Software Industry


Things I would have never done If I were not in software industry:

  • Spend so much money on food in restaurants.
  • Change my sleep cycle, reduce sleep and work at odd hours.
  • Restart the bad habit of drinking coffee.
  • Take Saturdays off, having a five day work week,
  • Afford things, which I could not even dream of.

Things I don’t do/don’t get to do, because I am in a software industry

  • Take holidays whenever I want, even though I have loads of unused vacation.
  • Spend more time in front of TV and books.
  • Sleep in the afternoons
  • Have a long chat sessions with my relatives or friends
  • Get back home in time for the evening snack.

Things I escape[d] from doing because I am in a software industry.

  • Attend functions and ceremonies which I hate to attend, now that I can fake being busy easy to escape.
  • Answering people why I chose to stop studying after my Bachelors, people assume its for the money.
  • Look for a job, good I have one from the day I finished studying.
  • Explain my lack of interest in going out, people assume I am tired from work.
  • Do boring errands at home

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  1. Guess for things u can not do; you are paid for and thats why u can do things which would not have been possible being else where 🙂

    All said and done guess most of private sector jobs are demanding !! and few industries offer less money but they are more hectic but still people are doing that !!

  2. Froggy B…F*cking B he just had it wrong. Imagine how shameful I felt! I had a job like that too…great money no time. It was great and horrible at the same time.

  3. Sunshine,
    you are right, actually when I was writing this I was so sure, I would have most of these any job I chose to do :), I mean the overwork part..
    I can’t imagine life without the job, the pay, not that I am too much money greedy, but living would be so difficult.
    This was just venting some frustration at the end of the day 😀

    I know it would have been totally embarrassing..
    actually no time is a cliche, I have realized things I want to do, I can always make time :)..

  4. Couple of those things you could still do, irrespective of whether u are in the software industry or not like, “Attend functions and ceremonies which I hate to attend, now that I can fake being busy easy to escape.” etc,

    Anyways, I think the money aspect is the only differentiator, the excuses that we give could occur even if we were in other industries

  5. Rambler: The nature of life is like that.

    When you have the money, there is no time to spend it; when you have time, there is no money to spend.

    – From someone who went from an undergrad to grad school, worked, made money, got bored, went for further grad school while making money, and has figured the futility of framing life in time/ work/ money terms 😉

  6. @Saumya I think you are right, I would have faked being busy no matter what job I worked, since I happen to be in in software industry, I included that here 🙂

    I guess I would like to keep money out :), it kind of blinds us towards the rest right 🙂

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