Cubeland Genderwise


Its a funny feeling today, I feel as though I didn’t finish my last post, as though the link to my previous thought was provided by a fellow blogger as a form of comment, which I read first thing in the morning, and ever since these thoughts are on my mind.

Firstly, I would like to thank for a thought sparking comment. This is probably too big a response, so thought of making it a post instead.

Cubelands I have been in, two as of today, are extremely one sided in terms of gender, its almost 7/8 males per every single female dweller, I am still figuring out the possible reasons for this, anyways I have always wondered how different it would feel for a female dweller in the affairs of the cubeland.

Firstly the cliched topic, the workplace rogues, who make the life of the female coworker miserable, I have seen this in couple of situations, and not so sure how women take it so easily or seem to take it so easily, I have never spoken about it openly with a female co-worker, I don’t feel comfortable nor, do I have someone close enough to ask such personal questions. But from what I have seen, and what I have observed, I find that if justice exists, some males are headed straight to hell. Thought I boast of gender equality, I am yet to see one women bound to get to hell,at least because of personal mis-doings with a male co-worker.

I get to hear a lot that female managers are worst to work with. Wait!, hold your breath. I have heard this from female co-workers too, I always snub it out saying its not female managers, but that person in particular, I think I still stand by this at least when it comes to sexism, there is nothing as a bad female manager, its just natural tendency to hate your manager, and it happens to be in some cases females.

When It comes to working closely with a female co-worker, this is some real gray area to me, I have never worked in past, closely with a woman, now not that I am afraid :), but it has never happened. Anyways whenever I do a feature/project with one of my male leads or fellow workers, I end up working late in office for days together, and we almost end up spending huge amounts of time in each others cube, two three people stacked up in close space, late nights, on the fly decide to hang out for dinner till late hours, and in many cases, one of my coworker dropping me home. I have always wondered what if I were to be a woman, or the other person was a woman, would this arrangement work?, would we have worked so closely with each other, won’t one of the two end up being conscious about the work/off-work relationship?. I haven’t even brought marriage into question, what if people were married, or in the worst case one was.

Real toughie!

As my friend mentioned, females too work in comfort groups, one of my observation has been that their groups tend to change quite often compared to the male groups, and in very rare cases we have this real closely working mixed gender group. I hate to generalize, but I have seen its very often that the loyalties within the female-only work groups change very quickly, and of course they form loyalties very quickly too.

what goes on in a female cubeland dweller’s mind, anybody interested in clearing the clouds?. Are they too into these confusions?, are they too into two minds before asking a male-coworker for help?, do they get self-conscious too?, or its all just way too much stupid nonsense thoughts in Rambler’s mind?


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  1. Rambler:

    “how different it would feel for a female dweller in the affairs of the cubeland.”

    If you have tenacity, contacts and some time, you may want to dig out the Indian editions of the Cosmopolitan magazine from 1997. I think it was towards the end of the year, that my article appeared.

    My article was about being an only female in an all-male office (not rare even now, for the IT industry) which was printed opposite the view of a guy from Cosmo’s offices who gave his views on an all-female office.

    Note to non-Indian readers: Cosmo in India then was not a festival of s*x and more s*x as it is in the West. I cannot say what it looks like now.


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