Random Randomness #40


Random bliss:
Monday was supposed to be a working day, it hardly looked like one, it hardly felt like one. Tuesday being a holiday many people had taken Monday off, or were working from home, the
office looked deserted, and what fun it was, no disturbance at all, no unwanted meetings, no uncalled breaks, no chit chat, absolutely work. Its been ages since I got so much of work done on one single day, and of course what followed in the evening was even more fun, hanging out with couple of close friends. I can literally say couple of close friends in this case, my two friends who are a couple :), anyways it was a late night dinner hangout at an expensive restaurant, all of us enjoying time with each other, and like a cherry on the cake, one of our close friend calls up too. The day was an absolute bliss. One of my most favorite days in recent times.

Random humor:
Any institution looks a lot funny from outside, what better example than marriage, being the only non married guy in a group of cousins who decided to go out for a movie. Its fun observing the couples, and small things which they enjoy and even smaller things which they fight about, add in a couple of ruly[un] children, who needs a movie :D..

Things I find funny about the marriage
Poor guys are supposed to stand in multiple queues at the food court to buy things which are going to be thrown away into dust bin saying what crap it tastes like.

Poor women have to take care of the children, occasionally when they are successful in transferring the child to the husbands, the children cry to make sure they get back to mothers, this according to one of my cousins is the best perk god has ever given him.

Guys are known to have a bad shopping taste, where actually the truth is most of them don’t care what they wear, on the other hands, when women selects an Item after hours of hard work, and asks the husband is it nice?, what is he supposed to answer?
“not good” would mean another 2 hours at the shop,
“good” would mean that he needs to answer another huge set of questions as to why he finds it good, and why not the previous one,
“average” means, actually he does not care, so a lecture as to how bad he is when she is shopping..

Poor woman are supposed to plan the whole day out, book the tickets in advance, call up all others who are coming, sync up the timings, finally one small mistake in the arrangement, the anger levels of the husband goes over the roof.

ha ha only line that comes to my mind right now, from DCH, “Oh pyar se hum door hi ache”,
[we are good at a distance from love :)]

Random ramblings:
I don;t like breaks, I don’t like any type of discontinuity at all, its always good to be in the flow, any small change you got to rebuild, whatever I am talking about, life, relationship or the worldly work at the cubeland, when I am working on something important I don’t like holidays, I hate weekends, I want it to continue, I know its a stupid thing, probably one of my weaknesses that I cant discontinue things in between and restart them, but that’s how I am, I hate restarting, I am lazy to get my mind into the rhythm where it is functioning the way I want it, not just work, I want my life to go in that rhythm too. whatever wild stuff I dream off, I think its just an illusion, fantasy whatever you may wanna call it.

Random foodies:
Its been a whooper of a week when it comes to food, a week where I had to stop myself from planning any more of food visits, because I was done.

First it was Copper Chimney to celebrate my friend’s birthday on Monday night.
Tuesday was again a trip to “shanti sagar” with my close group of cousins and families
Late night work at office meant, out for dinner on Thursday night to a Arabic pita place in kormangla
Friday lunch group, outing at pizza corner on Friday.
Saturday was my aunt’s birthday, and I couldn’t refuse a lunch for her at kamat, with yummy
north karnataka style lunch.
Saturday night was a forced eatout at Ballal residency in residency road.
Sunday was my mom’s request for me to cook pasta, and how could I say no 🙂

Fun week, but a whole week of limited food planned for the next week.
[A lull before the storm??, hope not]

Random hint:
If you read my blog, I am sure you would have known about my passions, enough hints out there in my blog. I think of the two main ones. I am planning to give up one. I have thought long and hard about this, and not sure when I would do it, very soon you would see me give up one.

Random apology:
People, please forgive rambler, if he has quoted anything that was meant to be be private between you and me, may be rambler had no clue it was not meant to be made public. Rambler still thinks he would continue writing what he feels should get into this blog, if you ever feel they should not be on here, please let me know about it, I will make sure rambler does not speak a word about it.

Random accomplishment:
Guys who know me from long, [if they ever exist], you would be surprised that I finished a 550+ paged book, can you believe it?, yes it was non technical book :), all thanks to my friend who thought me how to think beyond technical.. I just finished “Zen and the art of motor cycle maintenance”, I am still trying to come out of the awe of the book, a post will follow soon 🙂

Random dilemma:
The question has surfaced again, why do I blog, why do I have to blog, and for whom I blog, I would like to believe answers for all of them are “me”, I blog to keep myself happy, I have to blog because I don’t know of anything which can make more happy then this at this point of time, and I blog for myself. Now one common word in all this would be I, so does it make me selfish?, does it make me “me” centric, I have no clue.

Random truth:
Sometimes you end up uncovering some hidden belief of yours, something which you have snubbed under the cot, something which you have knowingly swept off, just hoping you never get to see it again, just that life has a way of throwing faint light onto stuff, and all those disturbing theories you have avoided just props up into your mind. I have been trying to put things of my mind lately, things I don’t want to think, things which I am sure would take me to a place where I don’t want to be. Somehow I find my way up there.


5 responses »

  1. Congratulations on finishing a 550 page book! 😉
    I like breaks, they offer a time for reflection and an opportunity to regroup and refocus 🙂

  2. “Zen and the art of Moto…” was a great book. I read it years back. Forgot most of it now! Cool…

    Once, I gave it to a friend who has a motorcyle and a son. He didn’t finish it. Toooooo boring for him. Guess only us “Zenned” ones can truly appreciate. Eh, Rambler?

  3. Married couples here in the US, not completely like that. We have a bit of role reversal here and there. I am the non-shopper in my house full of boys. And Aaron often plans our days. The kids are both our jobs and the house cleaning is shared too. Oh and Aaron loves to cook for me.
    Congrats on reading a non tech book!!! It can be fun.

  4. @Jon by me.
    a good book Jon, something which I enjoyed reading.

    I guess we are heading that way too, but just few things typical of married couple which I find really funny

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