The Renewal


I wish it was divided into 18 chapters,
With couple of blank separators in between,
to list my learnings,
wash away my thoughts,

and conclude.

Each start would be a fresh one,
A big ‘renewal’.

I begged god, to grant me my wish
He yanks the magnifying glass, laughs, and commands

“You shall be born”

This weeks prompt at the writers island is “Renewal”, and here’s my yet another attempt at 55 charmers.


18 responses »

  1. WEll done.
    I think renewal is a big part of our existence here. WE will return again, and again, and again…till we get it right.

  2. ps,
    most of the poems I Write need to labeled a poem, otherwise people will think its prose … 🙂

    you know what not everything you can plan.. sometimes you would still have to look up and wish.

    I guess the best part is there is no right, so indirectly we will never start returning 🙂

    thanks 🙂

    guess he too got amuzed when I was looking at such micro levels for renewals 🙂

    I may not totally agree with you, its more or less laugh at ignorance of an insignificant human being.

    thank you 🙂

    Any universe man lands on there will be good in him, around him.

    I loved your comment :).. yes it so simple yet it is complex right.

    thanks a lot.

    its all yours 🙂

    we all do ..

    thank you

    I love the 55 charmers format 🙂

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