Exploration – A Trio, Heads or Tails #9


It looked like a vast site, totally unexplored. It looked neither green, nor did it look like having any hidden treasures deep inside, mostly like a barren land, not worth to be explored, probably that was reason for it to be void of any human form.
As she arrived there with on digging equipment, and out of blue, just decided to dig the land, that too with bare hands looked almost insane, anybody who had seen her would have thought she needs immediate mental attention. But she seemed to not care, and totally focused in breaking the ground, a little hole is what she needed, and then she some found a big scooper, and she continued to dig with the new found scooper, and deeper and deeper she went.
For a person looking from outside, it appeared as though she was being guided by an unknown,
unseen power, as though she was receiving instructions from the inner self or from an hidden magical source. She continued exploring, and every time she found clue or the other and she continued her excavation. It was not like she never found challenges. Huge rocks, hard soil she was confronted with everything you can dream off, every time she found a way past them, finally after years of hard work, which looked pointless, she found the place.

He seemed to have found a map, not sure where it came from, it was something which was hand
written, something which looked totally personalized, with a lot of things which can convince anyone that its not some thing which is a mass produced entity. Obvious that he grew curious, and was all eager to follow the map to the destination, he really didn’t care where it lead, he was just sure that what ever it is, if not the destination, the adventure of exploration would be far satisfying.
The map had strange qualities, every time he thought he failed to follow the map, or the destination was something forbidden, or it was something which was non existent, or that it was something that did not interest him, it seemed still show him the way, just that the destination was different. It always made him wonder, how can such a personalized map can lead you to so
many destinations, any sane person could have dismissed the map, or given up the exploration, but he didn’t, he still thought that someday he would really end his exploration, and find a suitable destination for his adventure.
Finally after all the aimless explorations, he finally found the door, the door he thought as the one he always wanted to knock upon, and was sure that it would open to prove him that his exploration did indeed have a purpose.

They found a room, they never thought they would endup in such a small cramped one, four thick walls, not so much of light inside. In the semi darkness, they assumed it would be a square
room with four corners, and they began their small exploration, just to pass time, they decided they would visit every corner in the room.
God!, were they surprised, every corner they went, they could spot two more, it was like a maze to them, they could not even keep track of the ones they visited, each one looked new, each one looked differant. Following corner after a corner, they finally reached one which didnt lead to anything more, but it had something differant. It had steps, steps leading down, and one leading up, they absolutely were clueless as to where the stairs would lead them, they decided to stick together and continue, they chose to go up, optimistic were they.
They landed into a huge hallway,just like in alice in wonderland, with so many doors, each leading to another room, they started moving back forth through those doors, enetering various rooms, some dark, some bright, some smelly, some fragrant, some empty, some filled with people they seem to know, then some dull and some bright. They seem to enjoy this much better, then finding the corners, but they still thought the phaze when they explored the corners was the main enabler to find these rooms. They still were curious what the stairs leading down would have lead them to.

If you have been wondering what these disjoint stories signify, I too have no clue :).

All I can say……

We always should leave on pathway to be explored,
Believe in a map to explore people, no matter who,
When we do find a partner, completely explore each other, with each other.

This week over at skittles, the heads or tails prompt is “explore”, just an abstract thought on that subject.


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  1. I love coming here… and to find these trios after renewal, is such a treat… each of these? one of those 18 chapters??? Thanks for your gift of word and image and the space between…

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post. I love the excitement and how you let the reader explore his imagination.

    Thanks for visiting.

  3. Lea,
    thanks for dropping here, you are always welcome, even during the nights :))

    hmm actually not one of those chapters, but wish they were, would have loved them to be.

    hey thanks misty, it was just what I wanted to do with the post.

    @tegdirb92, Jenn, Bundle, mama pajama
    Thanks a lot guys, your words mean a lot to me

    actually I felt that its best left to be explored 🙂

    Long time no stop by?
    glad you liked it

    thank you, I am surprised people really found this interesting, I found this boring at places.. 🙂

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