I am….



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  1. I know the feeling! I hope you took your glasses off and went somewhere to feel differently!

    Thanks for stopping by Writing in Faith.

  2. I like the statement your image makes 😉

    As to your question in the previous post – yes you can and yes it can be bad.

  3. I thought I would recover by today does not seem to be so.
    And I am hating it too.

    Actually I did try to take off glasses, I ended up sleeping there after and waking up, again, bored.

    guess boredom conquers instinct to blog too 🙂

    yep me too, hope it passes.


    chris it may not be that bad

    the artist deserves all the credit

    to you too..

    not good right.

    I used to love algebra, and math in general

    Its all yours, claim it any day 🙂

    @random magus
    oh they do????

    thank you

    I just wrote something on that today 🙂

    I seem to have lost definition of “interesting”

    not good, cold too?, hope you feel better.

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