Age proved me wrong


No information about a person is complete, without the all important “age”, we all see it increase, we get to feel it sometimes, and of course sense, feel and as well perceive it. Its always a food for debate when it comes to age and thoughts, do thoughts change with age, does the ability to think change too?, does the angle of thought change, or thoughts have nothing to do with age.

I have seen myself age in last 26 years, and for more than 20 years of it I am able to comprehend and realistically analyze the way I have changed over years. I do agree that compared to a 10 year old me, my thoughts have changed a lot, but subtle is the change in past few years. Lets take 18th year onwards, I always feel there has been not much change in my thoughts, nor in my ability to think, though my perception about things have changed a way bit, my thinking ability hasn’t changed much at all. Is it good or bad, I have no clue.

We all associate a particular level of intellectual ability with a certain age, in most of the cases, we do know how much a person is capable at a certain age, but is it really correct, is it good to expect some level of thoughts from a individual?, teenagers are assumed to to be erratic and emotional, young adults are assumed to be wordily and mistake prone, late twenties is when people are supposed to grow up and transform into adults. Is it really correct to generalize these stuff?.

I have not interacted much with the younger generation, because I happened to be the youngest in group of my cousins, and not much interaction with juniors in school/college, not with juniors at work. I always wonder if there are people younger to me who think like me, they do look up to us, or do they look down upon us, what about their thoughts, do they really thin about stuff?, do they want to discuss things, and so on. And what they chose to do, is it because of their age?, I want to believe intellect has no relation with body age.

Unfortunately I am being proven wrong by none other than myself. Recently in more than one occasion, I have been coming across as an “kid” or an immature individual, one who is naive, one who hasn’t seen the real world, so at 26 don’t we assume we are matured more than this?. I Really am not blaming people who thought so, but just makes a little confused as to where do these maturity levels come from and compared to whom I sound immature.

One thing I have observed is, with people in not more than +/- 2 years difference in age with me, I feel we all think alike, our aspirations are similar, and given a situation, its highly probable that we react in same way. This is totally against my belief as to age has nothing to do with how we react. Given a problem, or for that matter just a topic, the way we come up with arguments too is almost same in the age group. I might be totally wrong in my analysis here, because people I am talking about are some who are almost people with my own taste and who do have similar opinions. Now is it the age or a bad sample of people I am not sure, one thing is sure, they do think and react very much similar to me.

As I move on to a slightly wider group, people who are older or younger to me by 4 or more years. Contrary to my expectation, I can spot more considerable levels of difference in thoughts, confidence, views, opinions. so what has changed so considerably in 4 years. how come they differ so much. May be the main difference is the stage of life they are in, most of them who are 4 years older to me are married, also most of them are with a kid too, so obvious that the way they look at life is different, and the patience level too. But does stage in life has so much effect on one’s intellect? really surprising.

I wanted to try and leave experience out of this, and try and take a topic which none of the age groups had experienced before, and may be take an opinion, and see if age does really matter, with all things that age has proven wrong, I still believe taking experience out, most of us might think differently, with no bearing on age.

So that totally changes the course of this post, so its not age which makes me immature, nor growth, it might be just lack of experience in certain areas, may be knowledge really lacks the power in absence of experience.

what say you guys?

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  1. Rambler: Age has nothing to do with maturity. I know some very mature teenagers and their extremely immature older siblings.

    Nor does maturity have to characterise every aspect of an individual’s persona. One can be mature about, say, people and highly immature about money. I do not even want to start counting how many people I know who can be described thus.

    Immaturity is not always a bad thing either. It may sometimes make one stick like a sore thumb, so what? That’s life. At any rate, everybody will not like you all the time anyway, why worry?

    And yes, experience is a bigger factor in maturity than much else.

    My thoughts. 🙂

  2. maybe experience has more to do with it than age .. we are all on our own individual journeys with varying levels of experience and this often has little to do with how old we are … just a thought 🙂

  3. where as age has nothing to do with experience… maturity does.. it is like the difference between knowledge and common sense…

    i am wondering who it is you are actually measuring yourself against,,, you are young and you are inexperienced in many areas… so what…

    that is who you are. there is no right age right experience ratio.. you are who you are as a result of your experience… period… and i like who you are…..

  4. Rambler,
    one thing I’m impressed about over here in Germany, is the lack of the “generation gap.” That is, I’m in my 40’s and I can carry on an intelligent (well, as intelligent as I get!!) conversations with many people here from age 18 and up. They don’t care how “mature” I am, but rather, they are more interested in what I have to say and what I think. And usually, we agree! The “younger” people over here are very intelligent and have passionate views on the Environment, people and the right way to live…. I can’t say the same about most of the “kids” in the states (Florida)…

  5. Age is an odd thing, personally I go through moments where I feel young. Other times I wake up and embrace the idea I may be the old bastard for a few days who will just hate what the world is. But in and of itself age seems to just be a gauge to measure things, as were older we realize the gauges that age supposedly supports can be tampered with by experience, desire, and living life.

  6. It’s an interesting concept, but as some people have pointed out…age really isn’t very relevant to what you are saying. It’s experience. A person can be 65 years old but still have the mindset of a teenager or child in some situations because they have never had the opportunity to explore and experience them…where as someone who is in their teens can seem much much older as they do have those experiences.

    We tend to use the word age to mean a lot more than what it really does…it’s such a concrete term, yet it’s used abstractly when it shouldn’t.

  7. @Shafali,
    If you look at the post closely, I have been trying to say that I too believed that age has nothing to do with maturity, somehow I am getting into situations where I am being reminded/proven that it does.

    I think you are right about various parts of persona and maturity, may be I need to look at the parts where people are finding me immature.

    oh it was never about someone liking me, it was always about me improving 🙂

    thoughts always welcome, I am glad you chose to share them

    yeah you may be right, we should never try to compare I guess, but should one be yardstick to the self?

    actually thats what I finally deduced, that it actually be due to lack of experience.

    oh its not about measuring you know, its just seeing yourself from others perspective.

    glad you like the way rambler is.

    and I like the statement you make, there is no right ratio 🙂

    I guess you are doing the same mistake as I did, generalize. I am sure there might be really mature people in florida too. just that you havent come across them.

    simply loved your comment. very impressive thought. thanks for this , you dont know how much that helped.

    “as were older we realize the gauges that age supposedly supports can be tampered with by experience, desire, and living life.”
    thanks again for this

  8. @Silver
    yeah I guess we all seem to agree, its experience not the age which affects what all I mentioned in the post.

    we do tend to give a lot more importance to the word age rather then the meaning.

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