Surprise Surprise!


Surprise, Surprise!, that’s how I felt when I heard about this one. my blogger friend absolutlevanilla who writes at Absolute Vanilla… (& Atyllah) , gave me a nice award, I mean the award itself is called “Nice matters award”. Now isn’t that a surprise?, a really pleasant one though.

I came across vanilla, as I refer to her sometimes, over at my blogger friend “silverneurotic“, not very long ago. I have been a big fan of her work ever since. One thing I have discovered through her writings is that, when we think good, it really matters to the world and people around us. We might wonder how one person can change the world, but good thoughts really matter. She has been really nice to me and to all people and she too thoroughly deserved her award.

She has passed on this award to me, and I am so very thankful to her for this, sometimes you need to be told what you are, and friends are for that right??

so here it is…

I am supposed to pass this on to five more people, I thought a lot about this, but could not decide on just 5 people, the blog world has been so kind and nice to me, yes guys, all you people deserve this award. I am sorry Vanilla, I could not choose just five people, Instead I would like to give this award to all people who are blogging for a purpose, and I know all you guys do blog for a good cause.

A friend of mine who read Vanilla’s blog before I did, told me, how much she liked the description vanilla wrote about me. Vanilla writes…

Rambler, who is a nice and loyal and faithful reader of this blog and who is generally far too hard on himself so needs to be told that he really is nice”

I would like to thank Vanilla once again for choosing me. It does mean a lot to me.


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  1. @catherinette
    ah welcome back to virtual ramblings :)..
    yeah look at me, with the award and all 🙂


    “nice bright spot in my day”, see thats what I was saying, people in the blog world are just awesome 😀

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