Random Randomness #41


Random Regrets:
I am fed up with this weakness of mine, I know its not just me and a lot of people have the the same problem, but that does not make it right. does it?. Its always difficult to determine things which make you sad, or things which you know which are not going to help you, mistakes which you have knowingly committed in the past, and still given the slightest opportunity, before your logic controls you, we end up doing the same mistake. I am going to say a lot of abstract things today, but then thats how it is in my mind, I don’t want to commit certain mistakes which has troubled me in the past, but I am ending up doing the same mistake over and over again.
May be somewhere deep down my optimism has increased a lot, I was never like this, I never assumed it would work the next time, but again as I said, I am being proven wrong consistently and sometimes it for the good

Random Realizations:
When someone takes a conscious decision, even though its against you, even though you think its wrong, even though it means you are not going to be happy, I guess we got to stand by their decisions, no not to say “Told you so” when the decision backfires, just out of respect for the individual.

Amidst a conversation when one chooses to stop from what is to be said,
Amidst a meal when one chooses to keep their side of dinner half eaten,
Amidst a joint decision one chooses to revoke their side of the choice,
Amidst a duet when one chooses to keep their part of the song to themselves,
Amidst a relationship one chooses to opt for a better role than the current one,

I guess the best thing to do is just respect the decision, and hope their decision turns out to be best for them. And more importantly make sure that you don’t remind them how best they would have been without that decision, this would mean that you are making sure that they are put into tow minds, and then their new decision will most probably be a failure.

Random Request:
This request goes to out media, specially all you yellow journalists who write for Times of India, please live the celebrities alone, I know people are crazy about what they wear to bed, which toothpaste they use, and with whom they are getting cozy with, but please do spare us of news which has no impact to any of us, No I am not interested to know that Beyonce was recently seen in a strip club along with her friends, I have no interest to find out why Kareena kapoor is spending time with Saif Ali Kahn, Oh yeah you heard it right, no one wants to know if Aishwarya Rai is pregnant, and if she is, if the child has anything to do with Abishekh Bachhan.
Please let the celebrities lead their own life, so we get to see them in what they do best. thats their art.

Random Topics:
I am a vegetarian, and a big supporter of the fact that people should try to respect the other living things, But this does not make me hate people who eat meat, I have written about this before, and this is just trying to make a stronger point about the same, I guess we all need to be a little more tolerant, just as vegetarianism’s is common in Indians, meat too is very common among Indians. so for people who have grown up eating a lot of meat, it will be very difficult to leave, and of course not all will be strong enough to do what they should be doing. So guys please be tolerant towards your friends, co-workers, tenants, or anybody for that matter, they are not doing something which is unforgivable, try to educate them about the ill-effects but do not see them like guilty.

Random Theories:
When it comes to parenting, Even though I am not a parent, I have lot of ideas, not sure how they get into my head, but I do have lot of ideas about children, and how they should be brought up. May be its because of my realization that childhood is such an important part of my life, and the amount of influence it has had on me.
Recently read about a serious issue over at Aimee’s. she was talking about how sexual harassment is being misused with children in schools, where innocent kids are made to feel guilty about the innocent passions they show towards each other, please don’t make they feel guilty, don’t instill a sense of taboo and guilt in young minds, it does affect them a lot when they grow up, please let them know in the right way how to show affection with whom, and allow them to be comfortable, just a humble request to all you parents out there.

Random Dumbness:
My fellow blogger “Shefaly” who writes at La Vie Quotidienne, mentioned in one of her replies to my comment, saying I should start using my real name for my posts, and she thought my real name was good too. I was a little surprised, how she got to know my name, I kind of hide my identity through my posts, and I hardly give out my name, what I forgot was for people who use wordpress and make email address mandatory I use my real email id, atleast people whom I am reading from a long time.
So guys please do me a favor, next time I ask such dumb questions, and do such stupid mistakes, please make sure you correct me :).

Random Bliss:
After a long time, I can’t believe its almost like 3 months since I had my last one, I finally made up my mind to go for my walk, I was feeling very bored on Saturday evening so around half past five, I decided just to put my sneakers on and go for a walk, at my regular park. Its amazing how things can change in as short as 3 months, I reached there and I didn’t keep track of the number of rounds I did, may be it was 4 to 5, I just kept on walking for about an hour and half. The thoughts, the ideas all were back, the feeling of fresh air clears up a lot of mind.The walk was really a bliss, as usual it left me wanting more of it on way back.

Random news:
I Finished reading “The Zahir” from Paulo Coelho, and again it has turned out to be a very good choice, in fact I have been happy with most of the books I have chosen in the recent past, except the books “Life of a Pi” and “Lolita” which I didn’t enjoy reading the rest of the books have been really great.
I have started reading “Perks of being a wallflower“, just about 75 pages, I am already beginning to like this one too.

Random quotes:
I simply love creativity, and this one is full of it, I as I was typing this post, I was in conversation with my new found blogger friend ideasmithy, or my earlier worried about new mistake. We were talking about how both of us didn’t believe in this new age dieting and how we should learn to develop preferences when it comes to food. And out of the blue she comes up with this gem
the human body isn’t so fragile that it can’t handle some challenges
Isn’t this lovely?


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  1. That was a lot of ‘randomness’ and i could see wisdom in many of the things you mentioned too.You mention making the same mistakes over and over.The thing is it is very difficult to have a ‘willpower’–If you have an iron will–everythinbg falls in place.
    As a parent, i read with interest your plea to parents.Your sincerity made me smile (not at you–but at so much earnestness)Yes–I agree with you so much there (esp as i work with children too)It is horrible to instill unnecessary guilt in children.It stays with them lifelong.
    I also agree with you about the celebrity thing.

  2. Rambler: Thank you for spelling my name right. 🙂

    If you think Indian coverage of ‘celebrities’ is bad, well see the UK. Entire tabloids are dedicated to this excreta. And they sell.

    They are only trying to sell papers. Tomorrow if Aishwarya Rai starts writing about women’s rights (hah!) she will stop getting so much coverage in papers.

    Like in the blogosphere, more people read general stuff and gossip than heavy materials. Not my wisdom but Guy Kawasaki’s.

  3. ps.
    hey nice to have you back.
    you know even before we think about will power, we should have enough intelligence to determine which is a mistake, in most cases its not so obvious decision
    hey thanks about the parent stuff, just wanted to make sure people are aware of how horrible it is
    lol media has become a joke.

    Shefaly 🙂
    there you go got it right again .
    I think you hit the nail on its head. too much of excreta.

    so that makes us three then 🙂

  4. I like what you say about vegetarianism. I became a vegetarian through marriage. My wife has strongly held beliefs about not eating meat. At first, I went along out of convenience, and for health reasons. Heart disease runs in my family. But over time, I have come to adopt many of her same views. Now I struggle to not judge people who do eat meat. People should be allowed to make their own personal choices. I just wish their choices were more informed.

    Thanks for visiting my site. I will definitely be back.

  5. @Herb
    hey thanks for stopping by, and it would be a pleasure to have you come back.
    I think people should be informed, and allowed to make their own choices, and not be looked down upon for whatever they chose .

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