Reality and Happiness


I saw a movie on Sunday night, it was called “Dil Dosti Etc”, apt title, an Okey movie, nothing great, but now sure what made me take this from the movie. I finished the movie, and I was left with the topic of reality and happiness in my mind.

I am kind of getting lost when it comes to reality, is it that people find too much reality in fake world?, or too much obsessed with reality makes them see everything as fake in real world?. When people believe in something its so much real to them, the concept of good or bad does not apply to them, they just know its real. When people believe in something so much, when they see something other than what they believe, it looks so fake to them. Here comes the problem, with time when their belief changes, suddenly, something things which were real for such a long time becomes fake,

I have written in the past as how I have problems with forgiving and forgetting, sometimes I feel the others were at fault, for pushing me into a situation where I dont believe them, or the incident and find it really hard to forgive them.
Sometimes I feel its so much fake in there, I don’t want to remember that at all, making it more clearly etched in my mind.

I guess there are three kinds of people,
People who are always happy, still they know deep down that the moment they give a slip to their mind about sadness, they will end up realizing reality and the sadness with it.
People who are always sad, hoping that this would be totally risk free, making sure that they cannot get any more sad, only way from there is happiness.
People who don’t care if they are happy or sad, they don’t care about how they feel, they just react to life.

If you have seen the movie, and wonder where I got this from the movie, I am not sure myself. may be thats what the three girls symbolized to me,
one who was happy enough and always tried to forget her sadness.
one who acted sad just to hide how happy she was with what she got in the end,
the third one just reacted.

Reality as the two guys saw it. one who thought the world was fake, and he was trying to see
reality in what happens,
the other thought world was real, and finally gets disillusioned with fakeness.

Or may be it was just the parallel drama that was unfolding in ramblers mind as watched the movie …


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  1. Well, of course, you know there is a view that holds there is no reality, it’s all an illusion… 🙂

  2. I think we all have our precepts of reality and sometimes when we are insecure about our beliefs we become ferociously protective about them and more vociferous and close minded.
    Whether it’s an illusion or fake or a fairy tale what’s important to remember that in our head in our existence that’s reality and we should attempt to make ours as good as possible.

  3. @Absolute…
    Ah that was almost my second type of reality.
    People who see only fakeness in the world, most probably this is because they are too obsessed with the real reality, they find world an illusion.

    not a famous movie though.

    Guess you are the kind who react..

    Do you mind If I answer you earlier comment…?

    Yes I do agree that its a skippable movie..

    I guess it was not too much generalization, its just the way I saw it, the things I carried along with me from the movie.

    Having an opinion does not always mean judging, its just the way we see it as, when you try to force your opinion on others, thats where the judging part comes in i guess.

    ha ha , I like the blink part, probably since it did not have so much content, it made me blink a lot 😀

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