Paulo Said "The Zahir" and I….


As you guys know I was reading Paulo Coelho’s “The Zahir“, and as usual am ready with my report on the book, this time around I thought it would be nice to write about what I read and what I thought, I mean what went through my mind when I went trough some wonderful passages in the book, so not sure if it is fun to read but then this is what I thought when I read the book.

What a ridiculous thought!, many of the people I pass must also have their soul in tatters and I have no idea how or why they are suffering“.

Forget about the people we pass, think of people we know, think of people who are your parents, your friends, your enemies, or even for that matter someone who cared enough to just say hi to you, do we know if they are suffering, do we want to know, do we make an effort, should we make an effort?, I so much feel that we should, who else will if humans with heart to think don’t.?

What is fidelity?, The feeling that I possess a body and soul that aren’t mine“.

Fidelity is one of those topics, which is hard to define, does fidelity mean monogamy?, oh wrong choice of words, monogamy itself is not well defined with people, nope I don’t believe its just got to do with sharing your body with just one person, it has to be more than that, I do want to believe when in a relationship,when you no longer consider yourself as one entity its infidelity, when you begin to think for yourself, when you let your mind wander over the things that benefits of you alone, rather than both of you, who should, by now become “Collective you”, it is infidelity, Fidelity, should be more or less a feeling of togetherness which as much applies to your mind as to the body.

It’s not the life that matters, but the journey
So who does define our journey, who decides our co passengers and how we come up with the next step, the real secret called life, of course is a journey and the both do matter. I think I did write on that topic here “The Journey.

We are all growing and changing shape, we notice certain weaknesses that need to be corrected, we don’t always choose the best solution, we carry on regardless, trying to remain upright and decent, in order to do honor, not to the walls or the doors or the windows, but to the empty space inside, the space were we worship and venerate what is dearest and most important to us.

I have always believed that natural is beautiful, no I am not talking about plastic surgery, I am saying accepting real things which invariably will have faults, and perfection is illusional, accepting people the way they are, and accepting the self too with all the issues, is something which is very important in life, It does not mean don’t try to improve, but it also means be tolerance to reality.

Love is an untamed force, when we try to control it, it destroys us, when we try to imprison it, it enslaves us, when we try to understand it, it leaves us feeling lost and confused

To be honest I have no idea, I don’t know how it feels, am sure will some day. But just felt the quote needs to be remembered, by all people who are/were/will be in the L word.

No one should ever ask themselves that: why am I unhappy? The question carries within it th e virus that will destroy everything. If we ask that question, it means we want to find out what makes us happy. If what makes us happy is different from what we have now, then we must either change once and for all or stay as we are, feeling even more unhappy

On a sober day I would have totally agreed with Paulo, but unfortunately I am high, nope I am not drunk, but high on life, and high on happiness, so I would like to believe it is false, it is absolutely necessary to ask ourselves the question whats making us unhappy and try to change if we already don’t have things that makes us happy. I know its difficult, but I have got some really good results when I have tried to make myself happy.

In failed marriage, when one person stops walking, the other is forced to do the same, And while he or she is waiting, other lovers appear,pr there is charitable work to get involved in, there are the children to worry about, there are long hours of work, It would be much easier to talk openly about things, to insist, to yell

Again a topic which I don’t have much idea, but does it stop me from thinking about it or developing a perspective nope :). I guess its absolutely necessary to keep a marriage alive till it dies, just like the author’s hypothetical epitaph. Its necessary that we don’t resent the downs, at the same time enjoy the ups as well, and as the author get the things out in the open. I have had some really bad experiences when I have chosen to be honest in what I speak, even though those have been disasters, they are things I have accepted the way they are, and am a satisfied person for doing that, and satisfied person for not being somebody which I am not with those people. I have had bitter arguments, and some have never got back to me, and some did realize I was honest and have come back.

There is nothing worse than the feeling that no one cares whether we exist or not, that no one is interested in what we have to say about life, and that the world can continue turning without our awkward presence
What do I say about this, I have written so much about caring..

The Epitaph Paulo choose for himself

He died while he was still alive

Only a writer of his caliber can come up with such a profound epitaph, we got to be alive till we die, it sounds an silly idiotic statement, but no its not easy.
It made me wonder even though we never have epitaphs in Hindu religion, nor do I need to think about it for a long time, hopefully :), but still what would mine be, hypothetically if someone asks..
I guess it should be somewhere on the lines of

He chose his life“,
sounds selfish? may be, its more how important it is to chose to live and once you do that, also choose what should be your life.


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  1. Ghost sir,

    Somehow i find Paulo a bit repeatitive. I liked his 11 minutes and Alchemist appeared hyped to me.

    Since then i couldnt gather courage to buy his books and read, but owing to the mess i was in, i got his Witch and River wala book.

    Before i cud read even 10 pages of either books, i had to close them down. couldnt stand his writing style.

    thoigh i wud be trying hard to read back, but i m not sure if he is worth all the adulation he gets.

  2. A really interesting and thought-provoking post, Rambler – you were clearly touched by Paulo Coehlo’s writing. Have you read The Alchemist – it was the first book of his which I read and I really enjoyed it, more than any of the others. I found it quite profound.

  3. Im not a book freak et al. 😛
    and outta very few books which i hav read.. one is Alchemist for which i lou myself..:P

    But must say loved reading ur review of “The Zahir”..

    and nice blog man..
    quite liked it..:)

    keep it up..

    happy writing 😀

  4. Rambler:

    On your Fidelity bit, have you read Nita’s post?

    Too much analysis kills any relationship – it can happen between friends, it does not have to be a marriage. Ascribing rationality and motives to something as irrational as “love”/ “devotion”/ choose the word that describes your poison is a fruitless exercise in intellectual self-congratulation – and a fruitful one in garnering book revenues!

  5. @A.
    firstly thanks a lot for the honest opinion..

    I was introduced to Paulo’s works from the book “Eleven minutes”, it was totally different from the kind of books I read, and I liked it a lot.
    I have also liked the “On the river Pedra she sat down and wept”
    I guess after two books I get used to the author a lot, just like Richard Bach, I kind of liked this guys style.

    I haven’t read Alchemist nor Witch*, may be some day later, as of now moved on from Paulo 😀

    P.S can I refer to you as Ashu, looks a lot nicer than a. 🙂

    @Absolute vanilla.
    I seem to be going through this face where I seemed to be touched by anything and everything.
    Not sure good or bad :).
    I think I am gonna keep Alchemist to a much later time, I always ends up reading the best first and not crediting the rest..

    Welcome to Virtual Ramblings, finally I can show “sunshine” couple of male commentors :)..
    hey thanks for your kind words, keep dropping in :).

    P.S sunshine if you are reading this..:)


    Ascribing rationality and motives to something as irrational as “love”/ “devotion”/ choose the word that describes your poison is a fruitless exercise in intellectual self-congratulation – and a fruitful one in garnering book revenues!”

    Could you please explain this a little more, not sure if I understood the intent.

    I agree with the friendship part, may happen in any relationship for that matter.

    and thanks for the link, need to read more of Nita-ji, she seems to write very well.

    Thats sweet of you Jhon, yep I did read that 🙂

  6. it’s ur stuff on Zahir which drew me to your blog… and from what I see you have gone quite deep into the poem… the basic essence of the story was laid down in the opening poem – “Ithaca”….
    and your thoughts on Coelho’s words are quite good. definitely soemthing to make one stop and think… not for the light hearted, i would say!!

  7. Ashu
    You chose the correct word
    “Banter” 🙂
    sunshine is a good blogger friend of mine, and I think we both enjoy the little bit of disagreement that goes on…

    thanks for stopping by.
    guess I do get inviolved in things I read and watch, not a good sign at all.

  8. Good that I dropped here! It was nice to go through this post. Many thoughts are there in my mind for this comment. Will surely come again.

    Feels like there is lot of treasure hidden, will love to dig this ‘old’ treasure!

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