Random Randomness #42


Random pursuit:
People fight and get upset over some silly reasons, in retrospect it looks so funny, but even strongest of the individuals get angry, or fight over silliest of the things. The worst part of these fights are the ego, why can’t one call truce easily?, why can’t one accept that there is nothing wrong in losing. When one calls truce once or twice, it makes them think, why only me every time, why not the other person, why should I lose every time, why should I be the one to lose?, does it mean I am the person more in need?. Ego can be really bad, and most of the times ego is very close to self respect, so when I when we give up for the good of all the people involved, does it mean we are compromising self respect?.

Not really sure, the fights will continue, and I will continue to call truce arbitrarily, not every time, but sure when my mood is awesome like it has been last week, I shall call the truce 🙂

Random Bliss:
Speaking of awesome mood, last week has been one of the happiest of the weeks for me in recent past, no I did not win a jackpot, no I did not meet someone, no I didn’t even inherit a huge sum of money. Its just me, and HAPPY. I guess the walk I took last week, is still having positive effect on me. All last week I had a resolution, “Whatever happens, whatever any one does, It cannot take my happiness away“. And amazingly it worked. As usual the week was filled with small triumphs and small setbacks, somehow setbacks never seem to make me sad for more than a minute, its back to the resolution, nothing you can do to take away my happiness. Just feels awesome to be very happy.

Random Rants:
Speaking of setbacks, I really don’t like them, more than the personal setbacks, its those which affect my convictions which makes me feel more sad. As I have mentioned many a times
on randomness, I like authority in relationships, before you jump to conclusion, I am not talking about the domination, I am more hinting towards when you can pleasantly force someone into things good for them.
When you see someone who is low, or in not so good mood, and when you want to cheer them up, and they don’t budge, and then when you feel like forcing them out of it, and then realize, you don’t have that feel of authority, it makes you feel helpless, and that is not a good feeling.
I know its not good to try to poke nose into other’s feelings, but then what are friends for right?, if you can’t cheer up your own friends. if you don’t feel the authority to do so, what friendship is that. Not a good feeling.
Unfortunately everything takes time, and so does authority too, some cases it takes more time, and in some very rear cases, it may never develop. …….

Random Blog-world Fun:
Speaking of small triumphs, Rambler had written so many times about how he hates when people cut his real name in short, and how his short name is only meant for few people close to
him, so for the first time Rambler found a person cutting short his screen name. So Rambler
is now “Ramby” :), kind of has a nice zing to it, and it did not feel all that bad. So three cheers to Ashu/Ashy/A the person who coined the first nick name for rambler.. Ramby.
In other news, rambler is also being referred to as “Ghosty” by two people around the blog world, now one person came up with the name, and the other seems to have agreed upon the new name. So going with the Halloween season, ghosty doesn’t look that bad right? …

Random Happenings:
Speaking of Halloween, it seems to have struck me a couple of weeks before in hand, suddenly
people seem to be disappearing, not sure whats driving me away, or what am I saying which seems to be scaring them totally away. Its been a while since I talked to my couple of close friends, and couple of cousins who used to almost talk to me everyday at least on the gtalk,
and seems to be same with rambler, couple of his friends from blog world too seem to have disappeared.
Vacation?, yep that might the reason, or may be its disgust 🙂
Anyways lets see when this spooky season is gonna end and when they will be back.

Random Banter:
Some days back I had written about the how age is proving me wrong, more on the lines of how
people find me mature/immature, I also wrote about what I wanna do before I turn 28, now
what this has done is that many people have come to know that “rambler is just 26“, which
though rambler considers being “I am already 26“, somehow this seems to be irritating him a lot, kind of funny irritation, the one you get due to fights with siblings, where one says, “you are too young to understand” :), kind of makes him feel so how old is the other person.
All in a good spirit, so please don’t take the age stuff seriously, its all in good taste of fun. I hope people understand.

Random Self Advice:
Speaking of misunderstandings, this is more or less a loud Self advice, CAREFUL with the words you choose, even though your intentions are very noble, it can be easily misinterpreted and in some cases hurt people a lot. Its not that I screwed things badly with my words, just that I felt couple of times very close to doing that blunder.
Be very careful not to use accusation-al language, you know how much you hate it yourself, also be careful not to assume that what you want is what the other person wants too, in most of the cases this is wrong.
so again simple and straight, be CAREFUL with choice words.

Going on the similar lines, one of these days my orkut fortune read
Today’s fortune: Strong and bitter words indicate a weak cause!
so how does it know what I am thinking.

Random foodie:
In spirit of “durga pooja“, the lunch troop at cubeland on suggestion from yours truly descended upon “6 Ballygunge Place”, a Bengali restaurant in Indiranagar, though we had gone once before, this time it was time for their buffet, most of us being vegetarians, had very little choice, and at the end when we found out that the buffer costed 550Rs, almost all of us felt really bad about value for money, but anyways Rambler loved the old bangla songs in the background, even though he hardly made any sense of it.Also the festive atmosphere in there was indeed good.
Friday night was back to all time favorite food street in South Bangalore, god himself must
have created that, never has it left me in disappointment, even though the food items have
reduced drastically, and it seems to have lost that initial charm when I first went there, it always makes me happy, may be its just the memories which are tagged with the place. Saturday/Sunday were spent with home made festival food, which I may not admit to my mom, but was just an awesome change from the outside food.

Random book updates:
I cant believe I finished “Perks of being a wallflower” in 5 straight days, with the last day reading till 1 am, its been a while since something which made me read that late in night, last one was “The bridge across forever” Richard Bach, which I read in 2 days.I started reading “Made in America” did not like the beginning at all, so switched to “Dry” by Augusten Burroughs.


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