You get a feel of kindred,
You know they do care,
You know they do want to help,
for nothing in return,
They talk to you,

They understand you,
They respect you.

Do they exist?
Yes, they do.

They are scarce,
aren’t they?

The no longer, strangers,

strange?, Nope!.
Its “us”, who turn them, “Strangers”
Prompt over at Writer’s Island this week is “Stranger”


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  1. I once went to a pub in Ireland where they had a sign saying, “There are no strangers here, only friends who haven’t met.” I thought that was a lovely sentiment.

    I really enjoyed your poem, it’s thought provoking and cleverly done.

  2. Lovely poem. I am often guilty of turning people into strangers, especially neighbors who try reaching out to me. I suppose I should take the time to appreciate their effort and not be such a stranger myself.

  3. So true man..
    eventually these are d people coz whom u feel no more alone.. they may not alwayz understand us.. bt are still always ther.. and jus thru their words make us feel better..:) its US that we consider ’em as strangers..
    wonnerful one..

    loued it..:D

  4. Provocative and insightful as usual. The last lines are enough to make one sit and pause for a good, long time. Thanks for the challenge.

  5. i was kind of saddened by the posts of people that thought strangers were strange people to be feared… i like your take,,, it is us,, that makes them strange… maybe then it is us,, we ought to fear…..

  6. @Absolute
    lovely sentiment.. this was more of the case where we with lot of difficulty make a stranger a non stranger, and then make them a stranger again.

    thanks for the wishes rachel.

    Indeed its us who make them strangers. don’t we?

    so very true man, I am sure they would be very happy to accept your gesture.

    I am always waiting for this compliment, making people think 🙂

    not sure about others, I would have a lot of piece when I stop turning people strangers.

    true man, when we look we can find so many people willing and wanting to help.

    not a good sign
    just wishing you to find lot many non strangers.

    @jo & paris
    Thanks 🙂

    @tumblewords & Jodie
    thanks a lot 🙂

    please do try, I am sure you can stop those shutters,

    thanks for your kind words.

    actually was wondering why I didnt see you around.. kind of wait for your opinion you see 🙂

    why fear paisley, I guess the one person whom you should never fear is ourself, how would we face the world if we cant face ourselves.

    honesty does drive that fear away..

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