Train, A not so old memory – Heads or Tails #11


This week was a little easier topic over at skittles for Heads or Tails, the prompt was Train, I do have lots of memories about trains, the way we used to travel for 3 days to get to my dad’s place, and the fun I used to have eating almost anything and everything thats sold on the train.
But I thought I will shared one of the more recent memories of mine in a train, I did write about it some time back, I thought I could share it again.


I enter not so busy train, expecting a peaceful journey. Time for a little history, I am with my group of friends, well more like people I have just met, people who wanted to travel. My group gets separated, the tickets are not together so we bunch of three end up separate.

As I was saying, I enter the compartment and find my seat. My seat is on the side row, kind of way I like it, just one more person to deal with. The seat is close to the entrance, the door seem to be struck, not oiled perhaps, very tough to open, people struggling in and out of it. I sit by my own, thinking about the day, what happened all along, what went wrong, what I enjoyed. I see this small girl, well not so small, may be 10 years old. She has a big bag in her hand and is struggling to get it, I stand up and open the door for her. There I see a big smile on her face. I begin to think, how happy kids are always. I don’t see who’s behind the kid. Then I see “You” enter, you with your serious face, you look angry, may be it was the heat, or may be it was the fight you had with your sister. I close the door behind you and get back to my seat. I don’t bother to look at you.

If I haven’t bored you enough you can read the rest of the story .. Missing Connection

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  1. That was a lovely story, Rambler. So poignant, so sweet. I’m glad you got to see her one last time – it’s the stuff memories are made of.

  2. Guys I am sorry that you people had to read through a long passage of story :), but mostly I do write long stuff.. Really surprised you guys really read the whole stuff.

    @Misty & mama pajama
    at your own risk I must add 🙂

    actually you are right, memories some time can also be sweet..

    hey thanks..

    thanks for reading on..

    Hey thanks

    now thats a compliment 🙂

    with coffee and chocolate at one go, I am ready to do anything 🙂

    thank you so much..

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