Haunted by life.


There are days when you smile,
For no reason, experience bliss.

There are days when you are quiet
For no reason, experience thoughts.

There are days when you are grim,
For no reason, experience sorrow.

The keyword, “Days”

Haunted by happiness,
and sometimes, by lack of it.

That’s life,
and that’s us.

Haunted by life.

—– —————————————————————————

With Halloween around the corner, the prompt at writer’s island is “Haunted”.


The prompt over at Head or Tails over at skittles is spooky/scary/haunted/ , so thought why not come up with one single piece

For people who are new to fifty five charmers, here go the rules.

Fifty five charmers are an effort to say what you got in 55 words, its supposed to pose a problem, give a solution, with a twist and some inference to take away with.


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  1. Haunted by life. Exactly we are often who we are for no reason. I love this.

    Haunted by life, was more on the lines of always full of, followed by life, and when we can’t have a total control of our moods, why not enjoy it the the way it comes, and enjoy the haunt called life.

  2. Is nt “haunted” is too strong to describe life ? Just an opinion !! otherwise attempt is good.
    whatever said and done ; you random posts are the best ones ( did i say this before as well :P) as compared to these “prompted” ones 😀

    Haunted is not a strong word, infact it need not be in a bad sense at all.
    Actually this is what I thought it should mean.
    Haunted could also mean, full of, followed by, thing for no reason. Doesn’t life follow us in a spooky kind of way?, can we really tell the reasons as to why certain things happen in life, we just got to take it day by day, and enjoy the haunted 🙂

    glad you like my random posts, its one of my favorite too, but then prompts are somethign which help me think a little more creative, and anyways thoughts I bring into those are almost as random as my posts right..
    what say you?

  3. ‘For no reason” – a few perfectly chosen words to illustrate our lack on control over life.

    Since we have no control, we should let us get haunted by life, the way it comes. right?

  4. Nicely said.But how can there be days when you DONT experience thoughts?

    hmm There are days when you know why you are thinking abotu someone/something, but there are days when for no reason you think about someone or something, thats what I tried to say.
    But then for me, its extemely difficult to spend a day without thoughts.

  5. my Bdy is on the 31st….Helloween….so have a drink on me, all!!
    life is grand, even when your down…

    I got a popup when I clicked on the link to this site from your old blogger site !!!

    Hey happy birthday man,
    exactly life is grand, irrespective of what we are.

    That must be the old problem with my website, hope it no longer happens with just the link.

  6. as i clicked into this site,, somehow i knew if any one could make haunted a good thing it was you… you are for ever the optimist !!!!! this was great… and i love this theme,, it suits you……

    🙂 I was an eternal pessimist for a long long time.. things change right :), and hopefully in my case it was for good.

  7. Thats the exact reason as I like Random posts as there is no effort in them. otherwise all others posts have an effort; in the sense you need to think keeping the prompt in your mind they are nt mere “direct dil se” types 😛 you know what I mean. in my 3 year long blogging tenure ; I have nt sat and thought ” okay this is the topic and let me think and write abt it ” IMO such posts sound artificial . Well just my thoughts.

    Actually Random posts takes the maximum efforts :), because I need to relive all the week’s thoughts, but then I love to do it.
    and ofcourse even though the prompts are topics, its really something which is just the way you feel about the topic :), and in most cases its direct dil se :)..
    but not so good if you are finding them artificial :(, need to see if those thoughts of mine are really artificial.

  8. What’s life without the positive and the negative? How will we appreciate the good if it werent for the bad? That too is life, wonderful take on the prompt. Thank you.

    Guess its just that good or bad both are shortlived, matter of days, whats gonna survive is us and life, so have fun with the haunt 🙂

  9. Thank you for sharing this creative piece. Yes, there are indeed times when it seems hard to explain some feelings that come to us.

    Thanks for visiting. Take care!

    When its hard to reason, why try right? Instead we can enjoy the life much better.

  10. I like this a lot. It is an unusual and thought provoking take on the prompt. At first I too thought that “haunted” was particularly strong for the idea of how life pursues us and sticks with us. But, now that I’ve thought more about it, I can see your point more clearly. I think the last stanza resonated the most for me. Often we are more haunted by happiness that by not having it. We get caught with one emotion/event/thought and don’t want to let go, so it’s impending absence haunts us. Thank you for this wonderful insight.

    Glad to know you liked it, I think you got me totally here, I could have not told you anything more

  11. wonderful.. beautiful.. brilliant and add all such synonyms to it.. 🙂

    well done man.. this short poetry explains everything..:)

    great one.. keep it on.. 😀

    thanks Rohit, words mean a lot to me

  12. Ooh, I like the idea of being haunted by happiness! That’s an interesting twist.

    Thanks a lot for visiting, and yes its the haunting we love right?

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  14. there really Are so many different moods to different days. Loved that you were ironically ‘haunted’ by “happiness’ nice piece.

    actually I am haunted by life 🙂 l, Ironically…

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