I would rather be at…with….



Courtesy Matt


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  1. Nice picture – it’s a liquour store, right?
    I would rather be at .. Florence, Italy .. with .. my girlfriend and the kids,
    drinking a nice wine in the evening sun..

    nope Jos, its a Cafe, I wanted to be in a cafe yesterday badly with someone whom I enjoy talking to.
    Italy I have heard a lot about cafe’s there.
    nope no wine just pure coffee.

  2. I would rather be in a run down shack by the river side watching the sunrise from my porch. And alone.

    thanks for visiting my blog, long long time..
    oh that would be nice too, not sure alone. Though I like being alone. somehow for now I would like to think I will be with someone.

  3. Gorgeous picture. And so, looking at it, I would rather be sipping chocolat chaud and muching a pain au chocolat at a pavement cafe in Paris. Or.. Or… Or… Too many other options to list!

    I would love to do that too, I would just want to get out sit there and sip coffee, with someone whom I can talk to about anything I want to

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