Foot on an open beach.



I stood there on the shore,
On my bare foot, on hot sand,
Pebbles sticking up my feet,
I could see ocean all around,
People surfing and swimming,
Being “one” with the ocean,
Waves big and strong,
All I wanted was the water to reach me,
To feel the warmth of the ocean,
To get the sense of being touched,
It did happen, the water flew past my feet,
Little did I know I had a price to pay,
Just the touch, and the ground below me is gone,
What’s left is just a feeling,
Was it this, that I was waiting for?
Ocean of happiness in the front of the eyes,
And just a momentary caress, thats all?,
Loss of ground in pursuit of happiness?,
Is this what I wanted?,
Being the foot in an open beach?


Guys I really tried to write today, somehow I am not in the frame of mind, again and again this old poetry of mine is haunting me, so just thought I would like to share this again, just that my mind is not capable of thinking now.

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  1. heyyyy..just tell me hw did u write d poem?’s so beautiful n touchy. i m touched by ur poem. this type of beautiful poem dosnt need any commnt.

    i hv blorolled u. hope u wont mind.

    tk cr 🙂

    Preeti [hope I can call you that]
    I just wrote it on a day when I was a little down, and kinda comes to my mind whenever I am a little low..
    thanks a lot for those kind words.
    of course you can blogroll me

  2. The feeling of shifting sand beneath the feet is incredible and as a metaphor for life is perfect.

    sometimes we feel the loss of ground, and what better then the actual feel of it on the beach

  3. “Was it this, that I was waiting for?
    Ocean of happiness in the front of the eyes,
    And just a momentary caress, thats all?,
    Loss of ground in pursuit of happiness?”

    This is such a great summation

    thanks Pauline

  4. a familiar ring this one… i loved it then and moreso now.. thank you for sharing this.. you never know which of your favorites have been missed by the mad rush to blog daily… feel free to reprint.. i do…

    glad you liked it.
    just not in a good frame of mind so thought of reprinting.

  5. This was brilliant buddy.. i read it for the first time now
    and *wow* was my reaction.. the way u concluded says “A LOT”..

    Keep it on.. and don worry its jus not ur day..:)

    God Bless..:)

    Thanks Rohit.

  6. That brought back childhood memories of riding the waves of Long Island New York beaches. You really captured the feeling of being pulled in by the waves, as the sand moves underneath you.

    Thanks Mad Kane

  7. you’ve captured the feeling of shifting sand unde teh feet beautifully and it conveys so much more than being on te beach…am i glad i read this..thank you…

    Thinking aloud
    Actually it was not about the beach 🙂

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