Relocate, can you?


Bangalore is the fastest growing city in India, in past 10 years I have seen it change so much that its almost astonishing thinking about how crash, if it happens one day, is going to affect us.

One thing the IT boom has done is that it has resulted in migration of people from all parts of India to Bangalore. There was a time when it was mostly occupied by kannada speaking people, and then came in people from neighboring states of Tamil Nadu and Andra pradesh. Bangalore I can remember did not have that much of people coming from North India. Bangalore was the third/fourth famous city in South India, probably after Chennai, Hyderabad, and Trivendrum. IT changed it all, people from far corners of India moved temporarily and then moved completely along with their kith and kin migrating into Bangalore.

North India is so different to south when it comes to culture, practices, weather, and even surroundings. I am just wondering how different it would be for people to adjust to this environment.

I have not stayed much outside of Bangalore, I was just considering would it be possible to move to some other city if Bangalore becomes more and more crowded. I am almost becoming sick and tired of the daily jams to work, and the cost of living, and the unhealthy lifestyle which we are getting used to here.

I don’t think I can ever do that because, I cant even think about relocating within Bangalore, I have so much addicted to the part of city where I live in, that even a change of locality looks alien to me, the thought of what I would do there flashes to me.

So coming back to people who have moved into Bangalore, I guess the biggest thing they would miss is their relatives and extended families, I mean people who they have grown with and stuff like that. Being a family person myself, I know how much I would miss if I stayed away from not only parents but also so many others around me. This is in-spite of  all the small fights that go on within the family, still they do matter a lot to me. So If I have to wait for a short vacation every six months to meet my people, that looks so out of question.

Food, how can I live without food of my region. Being a foodie, I would miss authentic food from my neighbourhood somewhere far from my place. When the coffee I drink tastes a little different I feel as if I am missing something, I cant imagine settling permanently in an alien location eating stuff which does not taste even a little like what I enjoy.

Speaking about culture, each part of India has its own culture, be it rich literary and traditional Bengal, or the rich eating, dhandiya dancing Gujrat, to more relaxed P. Now South India can be very taxing to these people, with people not socializing much, more conservative, more education centred, more money saving type. Anyways the way I ‘ easily fit into the north Indian culture the same should apply to them as well I think.

But one good thing this has migration has done to Bangalore is the variety Bangalore-ans get to enjoy, the food, people, and even languages for that matter. On the down side horrible traffic, shooting living expenses and also never reducing exponentially growing land prices.

what do you think, is it easy to relocate? Would you consider relocation easily?


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  1. When I had to relocate ; Bangalore was nt there on my list at all; but destiny brought me here. and after that I dont like any thing other than B’lore despite of all its flaws. Relocation can be difficult. But sometimes I feel most of the big cities are similar these days in terms of lifestyles and cosmo nature. that is kinda relief so that one does nt feel alien. but yes relocating to a city even if it is state capital with entirely different culture; be it north/south could be very difficult.

    yeah you are right almost all big cities must be like it, somewhere bangalore has become my big city to me 🙂

  2. hmmmm i’ve been on the move for a long long time. as a child my dad had a transferable job so every two years we’d shift. i quite hated it actually. finally after spending 8 years in a city i shifted out for college to pune and that was a complete different part of the country.i learnt so so much. Last one year i’ve stayed in 3 different cities in 3 completely different corners of the country and for the time being i am in delhi. i adapt quite easily. i was in chennai for 6 months and was having quite a nice time until i got posted here. depends on person to person maybe or the perspective. not that i love drifting but hell there is too much to do. can’t strike roots right now. 🙂

    I agree with all the learning part and also the culture and stuff like that, but then leaving a city permanently is different right?
    May be the fact that I have not done it makes it look more difficult than it actually is.

  3. Rambler: Have an adventure while you can, before relationships, mortgages and children determine your movements or lack thereof (my observation about people, not that it happens to everyone).

    I have lived in some 20 cities in 3 continents so far, of which 8 were in India. When I was the age you are now, I had already lived in some 11 cities.

    Being new to a place means one approaches it with fresh eyes. I know things about Bangalore that some locals did not (some have since ceased to exist). No longer reliant on a Lonely Planet book, one has to find one’s way around. It is great fun.

    It can be a bit unsettling in the beginning but the drill gets better. One also learns to shed dead-weight easily, useless things which have no use or emotional meaning but we hang on to them. Relocating is a great time to clear out the cobwebs in one’s life.

    So take your chances and enjoy life. Bangalore is nice and all (not as nice as it was earlier) but the world is full of surprises.

    Firstly I would like to thank you for the comments you put on the blog, kind of makes me really think about what you write in here.
    You exactly spoke what I had in mind, I mean having an adventure thats what relocation sounds like, I guess I was more talking about the norm, where we have a feeling of settled, It all depends again on what we look for.
    “which have no use or emotional meaning but we hang on to them”
    reading me all these days do you really feel I can do this? 🙂

  4. Rambler:

    “reading me all these days do you really feel I can do this?”

    I never doubt the potential or the intent of a human being. In an earlier post of yours, on whether or not we should give our opinions, I said something which might have illustrated my philosophical stance on maximising potential in others.

    You are young and you apparently have a good brand name on your CV already (don’t ask me how I know 🙂 and don’t fret about it either). You are relatively free of responsibilities. You are evidently curious and although your anonymising handle gives you more freedom, you are not a wallflower who shies away from interacting with people. All that is needed is a spirit of adventure. And off you go.

    Where we feel settled is a more profound question. In one of our earlier blog conversations (probably on my blog), I had mentioned that it is important to know where your ‘feelings’ come from. Feeling settled can come from a sense of satisfaction or lack of curiosity, as well as habit. Who can tell but you yourself?

    Places do not make people, people make a place. Having lived in so many places, I have never felt unsettled anywhere. When I do, I have a short cut to dealing with it. I buy books and read them. Usually relevant to those places. When I spent summer in DC last year, I read – in addition to my research stuff – tonnes on American politics, society and so on. I came back with 60 or so books bought in about 2 months.

    In summary: find the source of your content and your discontent and make your own shortcuts. Nobody can tell you anything about you and how you will deal with things, but even you will not know unless you try, will you?

    “You are evidently curious and although your anonymising handle gives you more freedom, you are not a wallflower who shies away from interacting with people. All that is needed is a spirit of adventure. And off you go.”
    not really sure if you got me right on this occasion. You never know how a person is in real looking at his blog 🙂

    But I totally agree with the settling part, where one feels settled totally depends on the individual, and may be in my case its “known”, I guess you might want to read my other post “fear of the known“, I guess my first post, this was totally opposite, what an year or two can do to individual right.

  5. i had no problems with relocating when i was younger but now that i own a house and have a son, it is impossible but when i am older, i think it will suddenly become easier again to soothe the gypsy in me 😉

    But can you really relocate and get on with the life easily?, if so thats awesome 🙂

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