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Random Randomness #44

Random Humor:
I was caught reading a printed t shirt again this week, this time at work. I had written some days back about being caught reading a funny line on a woman’s tshirt, almost like a action replay it happened at work this week. I was sitting in the cafe having my morning quota of coffee, when this girl passed by, and there was something written on her shirt on the chest area, curios me who got a glimpse of the wording tried to read the rest, and she walked past me giving the strangest of the stares. I guess gotta remove my glasses when in cafe from now on πŸ™‚

Random Memories Re-lived:
Saturday I hung out with a friend after a long long time, well it was almost a month, but then it was long time for me. It feels nice to just begin from where you left some days back. It almost reminds those old days where we gang used to hang out from morning till evening, eating out, movies, pulling each others leg, planning a trip always with none working out.But then knowing soon it might be harder to meet often, made it a little sad, but what the hell, why did man invent phone anyways :).

Random Quote:
Scene – Reception of a almost a 5 star restaurant
Her – “Here to book a room for the wedding night”
lady at the counter – “would it be for 2 persons?”
me *trying to look all around and trying to hide my laughter*
Lady at the counter finally realized the mistake and smiled, making it easy to burst out πŸ™‚
hilarious, how do people book wedding nights? πŸ™‚

Random Foodie:
Looks like I am back to foodie days, which I may have to bring down soon, anyways this week saw me hogging food in many different places.

Thursday, an awesome Punjabi restaurant called “Oye Amristsar” at the church street, very nice starters, and totally different taste, nice ambiance, decent crowd/

Friday Tangerine Indira Nagar, Nice pasta for lunch, yes I know its famous for various kinds of sizzlers, I was bored of eating the same thing over there. and the Mudpie desert was a little hard, but the brownie which my friend ordered was fiested upon by all of us

Saturday Lunch with my friend at Angeeti, buffet, not much eaten due to not much hunger.

Random Pleasures:
Ride back home in Bangalore can be fascinating, just the other day I was stuck in a bad traffic jam, with nothing much to do. Only thing I could do was to look at people, since I as a little sleepy and too lazy to lift my head, I started observing people’s feet on two wheelers going around me.
I found most men careless about there shoes, well including me too mostly I could see

Dark yellow/brown sneakers
*I thought* The sneakers which once must have looked white, was almost dark yellow, this must have gone to places whose thoughts might make me puke

Formal black/brown shoes,
*I thought* Fortunately 8 out of 10 people chose to polish it as well, and some had

Floaters of the sporty nature on,
*I thought* Most probably they were of little concern to fashion, almost all of it was clean and looked a lot new.

I guess the amount of employment women provide to footwear industry must be like 75% compared to 25% of men, so many varieties, sorry I don’t know all the names. even If I knew I guess I may not be able to match the names to actuals either, but then I can just see that there were so many different levels of soles to the slippers.

Full flat ones, people might feel they are not wearing any slippers at all kinda stuff,
*I thought* I guess if there is a big stone on the road, its gonna stick deep into shoes

Almost trippy kinda long heals one,
*I thought*– If she ever gonna walk on the pavement, never walk close to her, the heel is gonna stick into the crack, and if she falls on me, I have to check in to a hospital with multiple fractures.

One with lots of straps on the top of the feet
*I thought* She must really have a sweaty feet, so many straps to hold on to those tiny ones

and lots more were there. I got bored and kinda slept in the auto.

Random Sport:
Thursday went bowling after a long long time, it was kinda odd with only 3 of us bowling in
our lane, I always thought bowling was like a gang sport, with lots of us going together, guess gone are those days. Anyways started very badly with some gutter balls and pretty bad throws, but kinda made up towards the end reaching 100 with the last strike.

Random Bookie:
Had been to a book store finally this weekend, was looking for “On the road” by Jack Kerouac, which seem to have gone out of print and out of stock. I ended up picking up 4 other books and have lots to read this month

Lost continent” Bill Bryson,

The catcher in the rye” J D Salinger,

To kill a mocking bird” Harper Lee and

The last war” Richard Bach
Already started reading the Bill Bryson book.

Random News:
My mood over last couple of weeks has been not stable at all, every time it seem to reach a new low, before it recovers a little, I know it just takes one small thing to make it better, and am just searching for it, hopefully find something exciting this week, or rather do not find anything which takes me to a newer low πŸ™‚

Random Matinee:
I got to watch the hindi movie “Jab We Met”. The promos were good enough to indicate its a romantic comedy, but did not expect that to be such a time pass movie, no unnecessary sentiments, not many songs either, you can almost predict the story, but it does not bore you, its a feel good entertainer, thats what it made me feel when I came out, good. Both the lead actors have acted well, and more importantly there is not much of cliche-d depiction of love like a typical bollywood movie.

7 thoughts on “Random Randomness #44

  1. 4 books in one trip. nice. i could never afford that though. i have to choose only one, the best, to buy because of financial constraint…

    oh and 1 month is long?? some of my good friends i can only meet up with only once a year!

    A used book store it was :), so kind of easy on the pocket
    well sometimes it gets boring when you dont meet very few people who are close to you.

  2. looks like u had a good weekend…and talk of blore makes me home sick…even if it was a traffic jam and footwear…:)

    Thinking aloud,
    Hey so you homesick? where you at?
    ha ha footwear and bangalore nice pair right :).

  3. “I guess gotta remove my glasses when in cafe from now on”

    Why do you want to give up what is clearly a great interest for you? Here is a tip: wear sunglasses instead. Nobody knows if you are watching them or sleeping. What say? πŸ™‚

    I almost took that as an offense, “clearly a great interest” what were you trying to say here..
    just kidding.. you know what sunglasses are meant ti hide when the objective is different πŸ™‚ May be when I start doing that I will need one πŸ˜€

  4. Wow, you’ve got yourself some great reads there – that’ll keep you busy for a while! πŸ˜‰

    I guess if people don’t want others reading their T-shirts, they shouldn’t wear T-shirts with slogans!

    Hopefully they will keep me busy..
    well there is a post coming up soon on that topic, or rather related to that πŸ™‚
    but yes I myself feel odd when people try to read slogans off my shirt.

  5. Stop staring will ya πŸ˜‰ As I always say, cheapskate πŸ˜‰ hehe.. I like Shefaly’s idea.. Wear “powered sunglasses” instead ! πŸ˜€

    Knew this will make you speak :), how can I forget cheapskate πŸ˜€
    sunglasses, well thats really for cheapskates, isn’t it?

  6. Wow…you would enjoy all of them…lemme know your experience

    Reading printed T shirts are not a crime specially since the prints are always at strategic locations. And next time the lady gives you a stare, ask her politely what is written since you have poor eyesight. BTW what was written? just curious…

    I have a footwear fetish…:)

    Yeah would surely write about the books.

    I liked your version “strategic locations” :D, you think I am gonna take such a big risk behind a t shirt :)..
    anyways I couldnt read the line at all, it had something to do with pride,

    ok a little more on footwear on your blog?

  7. Rambler: No offence was meant. No motive was suggested. You deduced it all on your own πŸ™‚ Indeed you opened the gambit saying: “I was caught reading a printed t shirt again this week, this time at work”.. πŸ˜›

    If people did not want others to stare at their t-shirts they probably would not be wearing those with smart-arse notes on them. Consciously or otherwise, some things are attention-grabbing, some more than others.

    hm Shefaly, was it really deduced ? πŸ˜€
    anyways lets see how it goes

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