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Unexpectedly we meet them.
Unknowingly we like them,
Unconsciously we enjoy,
Unwillingly we part ways,

Friends, Acquaintances, Classmates
Teachers, Mentors,
Relationships, Stories, and Memories

It could be anyone,
It could be anything,

‘become’ unforgettable.

May be I am selfish,

For everyone,
I want be that someone,
I want to share that something,

And ‘become’,

the prompt at writer’s island is “Unforgettable”.


18 thoughts on “Unforgettable

  1. you are not selfish at all… you are human… we all wanna be that somebody…..

    why do you think not selfish? I feel both the way, when we want someone unforgettable and when we want to be unforgettable its kind of selfish isn’t it, but human I agree.

  2. Selfish has gotten a bad wrap. If we would really listen, our selfish genes could tell us exactly what is most important… your words and kindness are forever a part of the fabric of my life, and unforgettable…

    thanks Lea for those kind words, I like your statement “our selfish genes could tell us exactly what is most important”

  3. Great job! I think we are all unforgettable to someone, maybe many. Nothing wrong with wanting to leave a lasting impression on those we come in contact with. That is a very human impulse.

    Thanks Herb, Guess I am human in this sense 🙂

  4. “Leaving a mark is easy, maintaining it tougher” and when you do – you become unforgettable. You just did with your beautiful poetry, thank you.

    UL thanks so much for such kind words

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