It happened.


Day: Today
Time: 9.25 Am
Place: Old Madras Road, Bangalore
Duration: about 900 msec
Event: Spotted a beauty

Its very rare that I get drawn to a person by just looks, it really takes a long while before I get attracted, but today it just happened, there was this amazingly beautiful girl riding in an auto and I happened to have a look at her, boy was she beautiful and simple, just smitten 🙂

Did I say I am 26 now?, isn’t this supposed to happen at like 13?

The best part was the song that was playing on my ipod at that time, Kisi Din by Adnan Sami, it goes

Chere pe mere zulf ko failao kisi din
Sir rakh ke mene sene pe so jao kisi din
some day…]2
Mein apni har ek saaans usi raat ko dedo

For people who dont understand hindi, it means,

Spread your soft locks on my face someday,
Rest your head on my shoulder, and drift someday,
I would give my every breath for that night.

Was it the song, or it was her?, but had totally eventful morning today 🙂


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  1. Hooked, lined and sunk…. 🙂
    Who said 13 is what it should it be….31, 81 or even 26 is just so perfect…

    Well not exactly, just a little attraction 🙂
    well I guess at 26, i thought one needs to be more mature 😀

  2. So Rambler is in love or is it just a lust ? BTW dont spoil the hindi man, its written in horribly bad grammar………….

    Love or lust?, well I could write on big post on that one 😉
    but then it was neither, because 900 msec is too less to develop both.


  3. may it was “deepika” ? 🙂
    oh man currently all the adjectives like beautiful, awesome, amazing, gorgeous makes me to think of only her ….!!

    P.S: I totally agree with Ashu on that Hindi part .lol

    One thing I can be sure was that it was not deepika :), after seeing so many times on TV, I got really sick of OSO and Saawariya.

    lol on the hindi part..

  4. so, did you say anything to her or smile or what? hehe.. just curious to know ;P

    No Jos, I was far away within a cab, and I just got a glimpse of her 🙂

  5. Or may be it was Madhura or Madhuri or Madhulika or Madhubaala or Madhushree or simply Mady …….lol

    Ashu, as Shakespeare once said, whats in a name…

  6. They stay most beautiful when they stay a passing glimpse and you don’t hear them talk or see any other bad thing about them. Then it remains a perfect memory and that is such a joy!

    lol Magus, exactly my take on the subject…

  7. lol Ashu !! could be “soundarya”,”pooja”, “bhagya”, “suhasini”, “soumya” , “ramya”,”pavithra” etc etc . What say ? lol

    It could be Saira, Salma, Lucy, Lori, Radha, etc etc
    does it really matter 😀

  8. It’s a wonderful feeling isn’t it? Love at first sight? It happened to me once too….and am married to the man today. 🙂

    Lucky you Nita,
    but then I really don’t believe in first sight.. :), or thats what I like to believe..
    may be someone might prove me wrong.

  9. Hopefully it wont turn out like the dialogue in the movie Lamhe ..where that sick guy Deepak or something squeeks..”pallloooo”

    I seem to have forgotten Lamhe, just remember that it was a nice movie, and like twisted romance like that.

  10. When a time like this happens it is so special… something is quickening inside your heart… follow that feeling and let it guide you!

    well even though it was such big a feeling, I am sure will think about that when I really get the feeling.

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