Random Randomness #46


My blogger friend “Thinking Aloud” who has a beautiful blog “Alochane” had tagged me to write 7 random/weird facts about me, and my blogger friend from SA, Absolute Vanilla also tagged me for the same meme. As you guys know my weekend summary of randomness was anyways due, I decided to do something different. I read all my previous randomness posts and picked 7 random things which I thought best described me.

Random victories:
Small victories bring you so much of happiness. I guess I have a problem of under estimating my abilities and underplaying my part. I have always been guilty of this. I am very skeptical when given a challenge, I Would work on it and struggle too if required, but I remain skeptical. But then when I actually solve the problem, it really makes me happy.
Thursday was one such, a small victory but great fun. Wish I get more such days, hearts so selfish.
I always tend to underestimate my abilities.

Random Fun:
I was planning to meet a friend of mine today, and we both were having trouble deciding which cafe to meet at, after a couple of options, I asked her if she wanted to do something
else, and innovative she is, came up with this brilliant idea of going for a walk. Never
ever I could have come up with such a thing to do, when you meet your friend. So we decided to take a walk in one of the oldest parks in Bangalore. So there we were walking around a lake for more than a hour, talking the walk, and walking the talk. It was so much fun.
Simple things with best of my friends make me very happy.

Random comments:
Its really strange to realize how others perceive you, most of the times I end up being surprised and even shocked sometimes. This was one such occasion. My cousins wife telling, my other cousin and his wife
situation: Other cousin’s kid being cranky toward fag end of the day, and trying to sleep
with his legs all over me at a public place.
Comment : “Hey, don’t worry, my daughter [4 year old] has trained Rambler well, he can
easily put up with cranky kids and make them quiet.”

I am great with kids

Random discomfort:

On of my biggest discomfort in attending huge gatherings/celebrations is the pleasantry “are you doing fine” questions which I have to ask, and answer like 250 times, thats was the number of people in a function I attended on Saturday. In most of the cases, I was not even listening to their answers, and in on most, they were not so keen in finding out How I was doing. How come our culture has so many fakes put in there.
I hate social gatherings, more of a short gathering of close friends kinda person

Random regret:

How choosy can I get, I wasted almost 1.5 hours looking for a shirt on Wednesday, not only did I waste my time but also my cousin’s. I finally did the shopping within 15 mnts the next day, but that day I was sick about myself. When you have something in mind and you dont get it, it really frustrates you.
I am very choosy and fussy, in anything I do, in anything I buy.

Random realization:
Its funny how you come across to the other person, when you interact with another person,its not just what you say, there are so many other things thats talking, your sense of dress, your hair, your background, your age, and the topics you chose to speak about, the other person is always in the process of framing an opinion or changing the one he/she already has. Sometimes it may amuse you, how you come across. These are the random adjectives I received recently
“you’re a mess”
“Wastu” [A local slang to convey uselessness of the individual :)]
“too young to understand”
“hardly understand you”
“why do you have to think about this”

Well this is what others see me as.

Random Bliss:
After a long time, I can’t believe its almost like 3 months since I had my last one, I finally made up my mind to go for my walk, I was feeling very bored on Saturday evening so around half past five, I decided just to put my sneakers on and go for a walk, at my regular park. Its amazing how things can change in as short as 3 months, I reached there and I didn’t keep track of the number of rounds I did, may be it was 4 to 5, I just kept on walking for about an hour and half. The thoughts, the ideas all were back, the feeling of fresh air clears up a lot of mind.The walk was really a bliss, as usual it left me wanting more of it on way back.
I tend to think a lot over walks, and throughly enjoy these walks around the park alone

You can read a lot more randomness related to me over here.

Speaking of weird things I had done a post long time back about how much of a weirdo I am, check it out here


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  1. I tend to underestimate myself in certain things and have an over inflated opinion about myself in others. It’s quite strange!

    Strange right, why do we under estimate things.

  2. Walking alone is one of my favorite things… I loose myself inside myself, inside the beauty of the ever changing seasons around me… I can really let go and just be. I hope you are up and about and taking in some random bliss, or just the bliss of rest. Sometimes hard to just sink into that one… I enjoyed these, thanks!

    Strange right, why do we under estimate things.

  3. HI!! fren! how r u ? nicely writtn tag it is. it helped me to know the rambler more. 2day i also did d same tag. i was about 2 tag u wen i saw that u r alrdy tagged and hv made a post.

    kp rambling 🙂

    tk cr 🙂

    I am doing ok.. how are you…

  4. hey,,,I’m quite sure i left a comment on this….:(

    I agree with the self confidence thing…people seem to have a better idea of my capabilities than me!!!
    Kids…hah..hah…i wish i could have seen ur face then…:))
    Enjoy your walks and thanks for taking this up :))

    kids are always fun right :)…
    thanks for tagging me

  5. interesting randoms 🙂 i am finally finding time to catch up on my reading though i suspect it will take me days, lol .

    nice to see you back 🙂

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