Never Say Never – Heads or Tails #15


This week was over at skittles for Heads or Tails, the prompt is “Never say Never”, I began to recollect things I thought I would never do or like, and suddenly one day Never was thrown out, kind of makes you feel so stupid at the end.

The oldest memory of me saying “never” to something, which I can think of are potatoes and onions, as a kid I used to hate these two, I could not put them in my mouth. My mother used to find it really hard because, being brought up in Gujrat to most of the curries she used to put potato and I refused to eat them. We used to have fights almost every day, which used to finally end with my mom giving up on me. I always used to scream “POTATOES, never.!”. Suddenly god knows what happened I began to love potatoes, I wanted them in everything I eat, and sometimes I used to just have them alone just boiled. Now everytime my mom sees me hogging fries or anything made out of potato, she keeps pulling my leg, that I always used to say “Potatoes, never!”

The next thing I did a complete you turn upon was soda. As a teenager I used to hate soda, I hated the feeling when the gas runs up the nose after you drink it, so I used to walk around telling people, how the hell people can drink this dirty drink. I would say, “Soda, never!”. Then came 9th grade, Coco cola ban was lifted in India, and for the first time COKE came in with super campaign, and the coke can was the coolest thing for a high school guy to drink, One sip and all soda hatred vanished. I am not a big soda drinker or anything, but then “Never Soda” went straight outside the window.

In school and early college days, I did not understand englishmovies at all, all I watched was hindi movies, a big Bollywood fan. I would always say no, to watch an english movie. I could not follow the accent much, and also really did not like the subjects either, but then slowly that got changed, first came in the television series like Wonder Years and Doogie Howser MD which used to be on star plus long time back, slowly got the hang of it, then movies followed. now I hardly watch hindi movies, atleast less in number compared to english ones. So there goes yet another never, which went for a complete U turn.

Finally the biggest U turn of my life. Throughout my education I never considered the possibility that I can ever read for pleasure, reading meant studying, reading whats in syllabus, all technical. Never ever I read a book for pleasure. I always said why the hell I should read, when I have so much left to finish before the exams. After my college, I still continued reading only technical books, until suddenly one day, one friend handed over a book to me, I just got sucked into it, I finished in one sitting straight, then I asked her for one more which I read a little slowly, and then I went ahead and brought my first book for pleasure reading. Later Richard Bach happened, his books made me change so much, Now I can hardly imagine spending times without a book in my bag.

As they say, Never say Never again.


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  1. what a well writen and thought out post!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Thanks tegdirb
    You too have a wonderful thanksgiving.

  2. Interesting how something you don’t like at first turns out to be one of things you have learned to grow fond of. Thanks for sharing.

    yeah they almost made a U Turn

  3. I never thought I would like anything with raw onion in it. I’m not sure when that changed (not too long ago) but now I want them all the time.

    I think The Wonder Years was one of the best shows ever on tv. It had so much heart in it. I remember wanting a computer when Doogie was on so I could type a summary of the day like he did. Now I just blog. 🙂

    I’ve always been a book reader, but not my husband. He read manuals and train magazines, but never books. One day I put one I thought he might like to read in the bathroom and sure enough, he started reading it. Seven years later, I’m still putting books in there for him.

    Skittles, exactly know what you are saying about raw onions.
    and I am a big fan of wonder years.

  4. Wow, potatoes & onions were the staples of my grandmother’s cooking. I have a hard time not including them! (Hence the larger than life rear end…hee hee)

    I used to adore Diet Pepsi. Now I occasionally drink diet cranberry flavored ginger ale. I can’t stand those aspects of soda you used to “never!”

    I have a hard time reading not for pleasure. I’m completely addicted to fiction, especially fantasy. I’m glad you found it, too!

    Happy Tuesday! 🙂

    I hate fiction, almost never read fiction.
    Hee Hee at the rear end part

  5. Wow…no potatoes! I love those darn things! LOL! Sounds like a good change was made on most fronts! 🙂 Happy Heads or Tails!

    Well I really hope they were good changes 😀

  6. that was brilliant!!! i always say never to evrything…i think it has to do more with pig-headedness than anything :))

    hmm…this seems like a good prompt…i could write loads on it…but mine would perhaps be always say ‘never’ lol

    Happy reading!!!

    I too am guilty of saying never very often, and having to eat my own words.

  7. humm .interesting !! Still many times I react as “No” to many things but finally I end up doing them. “A” knows the knack how to get things done from me

    I am sure A too believes you have the knack of getting things done by him 😉

  8. Interesting thoughts, i have learnt to say no and stick to them!!!!

    Some are really strong when it comes to will,
    but then this is more about how your opinion changes about things. and how your likes change

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