Damn!, even today
Gender, State, Color, Country, Sect
we discriminate.

My attempt at an Haiku after a long time, thanks to a tag from blogger friend Sameera.


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  1. Is that a Haiku or whatever ? Reminds me a song from GopiKishan……lol..
    yes ppl do differentiate on basis of regions, color, creed and caste. On basis of religion too. North and south divide, still exists.

    And its sad to see that personal conversations become a part of public posts……

    he he, song from GopiKishan 🙂
    This is some topic which matters to me the most, and hence found the way to my blog..

  2. Hey thanks so much for doing it so soon!Lovely concept you used there.Don’t know when this discrimination will end.

    P.S.Btw,the last line is having “7” syllables and not “5”,check on that 🙂

    I think the website I used to measure the number of syllables screwed up 🙂
    I did change the line at the end.

  3. Great Rambler. I love that we have diversity. I love that everyone isn’t just like me. Otherwise… I would just disappear…

    And actually, the last line is supposed to be 5 syllables in haiku… 🙂

    I think I changed the last line now 🙂

  4. Discrimination has been around as long as man has been on earth and will be around as long as man is on earth…

    I wonder if animals discriminate….mmmm…

    Hopefully they atleast dont

  5. And we will go on discriminating. Some amount is necessary for te survival of the species. Even nature discriminates against the weak ones 😦

    Random Magus,
    I dont think it is necessary to survive, and who makes some people weak?..

  6. it reminds me the shipa shetty case. so much hyped and over publicized.

    If you are hinting Discrimation is overhyped and over publicized, I so much wish this was true, but the ugly truth is that we do this knowingly and unknowinlgy and it is really bad.

  7. Nope i did not mean the hype for discrimination; it was meant for the total hype of the whole issue. and yeah descrimination is bad ; totally agreed !!

    glad to hear you didn’t mean the hype for discrimination, its people like you and me who needs to stop this.

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