Random Randomness #47


Random Memories:
This week being thanksgiving and Friday being the black Friday, kind of took my memories couple of years back. The very thanksgiving weekend was my vacation in LA, with couple of my friends. I remember roaming on Santa Monica beach on a thanksgiving day, with not many people around, Getting to Hollywood walk of fame, the sunset blvd and even the Chinese theater. One of my biggest dreams as a kid was to visit Disney, which I was able to satisfy on the black Friday. It is supposed to be the busiest day of the year at Disney World, we kind of reached there at 8:30/9 Am, and were present there till early morning 1 AM, the laser shows, the fireworks, and also the Night parades were something which I would never ever forget. Of course I had nice company with my good friend P and her husband. The next two days followed at Universal studios and some more beaches, a little shopping and a lot more fun.

The other memory with the vacation is my fiasco with the thanksgiving dinner, since most of the places were closed we ended up in the restaurant attached to the place where we were staying, it looked like a damn expensive place, but we were very tired to go out, so as we entered, I didn’t have much choice being vegetarian and all, so I ordered some Chinese dish, the only thing which I could spot vegetarian, it was supposed to be noodles with vegetables, it had some weird taste to it. The hostess at the diner, came couple of times to me to make sure I was liking it, me being nice and all was trying to pretend I like the dish, and my friend P could not stop giggling at my plight, finally I asked the hostess to make it to go, so that I could drop the dish in the trash on my way back to my room.

Random bookie:
After J.D Salinger’s “The catcher in the Rye“, started reading Harper Lee’s “To kill a mocking bird“, Around 100 pages into the book and I have to admit, the book has not caught on to me, still struggling to get interested. May be the genre I have got bored off. Its been long since I read one good non fiction, something like Tuesday’s with Morrie which I enjoyed reading so much, may be its time to read that again, or some other nice book. May be I should start reading a Richard Bach book.

Random gusts of self disgust:
Its been that week, where you tend to feel disgusted at yourself, so many times where I have fallen short of my own expectations, no I really don’t expect too much out of me, even small things seemed to bother me a lot this week, thoughts of my own hypocrisies, my inability to make myself happy seem to bother me a lot. I just got to break free, break free of all this, I am still hoping on a possible year end vacation which I am planning. Also wants of picking up new stuff, may be a hobby, or a new friend, or even an activity is very high on mind.

Random acts of concern:
I would like to thank so many people for their kind concern. My relatives who with a little information that I was not feeling that well came to my house to see me all last weekend, people from far distances can visit you over a stupid fever, that is a great feeling to have, knowing their concern, and I am sure it was genuine ones.
My friends who did ask me how I was feeling and all, all these gestures may look small, but to me it meant a lot. All you guys out here in the blog world, thanks so much for the concern, for all the those kind emails, kind comments and concern shown to Rambler. I am really thankful to all you guys.

Random humor:
These days weekends seem to be huge problem at home, whoever visits us seem to have only question, when I am going to say yes for marriage, and they can start the hunt. I am really not sure what pleasure people derive in hunting for girls/boys once the person reaches a particular age. Personally I still am not sure if this is the right age, but they seem to think I am almost an year past the right age. The best part of all this is when I say I need atleast an year more, they get almost convinced I am seeing someone. No they are not opposed to the idea, they just want to meet the non existent person, now they have concluded that she too is 81 born and and has her birthday in November.As soon as I heard this I could not control my laughter, to which my aunt concluded that I am hiding something, because I am not even denying. I am sorry guys I am finding all this really amusing, My cousin now has taken up the challenge of finding out about the November girl without my help :).

Random places to meet new people:
With changes to Bangalore city, the corporate culture, the metro sexual image, the bars and diners, places where people meet in Bangalore has changed so much. Few years back, If I were supposed to meet a friend, I would asked them to either drop in at home, or even in front of the school/college we shared in common, or some place like well known landmark. Now its more like a well known cafe which we shared, or the iconic malls “The forum” or “Garuda”. My favorite place to meet would definitely a nice food place or the book store Landmark or even a park bench. All this made me think , we change so much, so do our preferences, but then its so difficult to change yourself as a person.


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  1. looks like a little change of place would do you good….have you seen landmark on a holiday? CROWDED!!!!

    hmmm..now that the cat is out of teh bag, you may soon have many proposals from teh blog world itself..LOL…theses are trying times, i agree, for you..:))

    I’ve read Tuesdays…very nice and so emotional!!!

    I hate the fact Landmark is always CROWDED, but what to do they have very good collection.
    He He well cat was out from me not Rambler :), but I really find these discussions at home so ammusing.

  2. Totally agreed with TA…having so many female fan followers 😀 😀 Getting someone else married is huge task ….much much difficult than your own marriage …it makes you so much capable that you can start thinking to run a matrimony lolzz.

    may be u shud reread “Across bridge forever” in a new light ; it might take away ur resistance for marriage thingy ..lolzz

    Now blogworld too :)…
    I really dont understand why they are so keen to get people do something.
    actually was contemplating reading that book again, been long since I read something from RB

  3. Rambler:

    I think you may want to stick with the Mocking Bird. It may help if you see the film. However I do think it should not be mentioned in the same breath as Richard Bach. Come on!

    The changing Bangalore, eh? Two fantastic bookstores vanished in recent years. One was R&B near Ulsoor Road, opp Motorola’s then-office. It was upstairs, and there was a tea shop in the back. I used to sit there with a cup of coffee and sandwiches, and Sunday papers and also buy many books nearly every Sunday. The other was Fountainhead. I am trying to remember the name of the road but I think it was near Lavelle Road. Also on 1st Floor. They had a great collection of books and I spent a lot of money and time there.

    The regret over those two stores aside, the Oxford bookstore in Leela Galleria has also a cafe attached to it. They have a good selection of books, if a bit small, but it is a great place to meet if you have not tried it out yet.

    Oh I am sticking to the book :), just that generally get so much impressed by the book, and it hasn’t been the case so far with this one. Yeah totally different genre’s, just wanted to tell that its been long since I read a RB book.
    Oh one my favorite dreams along with my friend was to open a lib/book store with attached cafe :), still have not totally given up on it.
    I don’t like book stores if it is really crowded, I do like one in Jayanagar, they have limited collection of books though, and the cafe part of it is always crowded.

  4. Rambler
    have you checked crossword btw? one in brigade road and now in Indiranagar as well.

    Crossword in Brigade road? no somehow it is not striking me where it is, btw I like blossoms in church street though, real nice old book collection.

  5. yeah just behind the “Adwaith Hundai” showroom. or in I’Nagar 80ft Road with Brio Cafe !! Been to blosom but not much impressing 😦

    Oh brigade road confused me a little :), I do know about the one behind the hundai showroom
    Blossoms, they have a huge collection, and relatively lesser price as well

  6. Hi rambler. see you had some good times and you have some caring people around you. Unfortunately the girl hunt is also part of the caring, the concern.
    I never knew which way to go but these days everything unfolds for me I just have to follow.

    I came here to actually comment on your excellent poem above. I love it and these things are so recognisable and shows you how confusing life is and that we have a need to share. The reason I comment here is because whatever I try and can’t open the comments underneath the letter poem.

    I think you are right, it is their concern, but sometimes concern too annoys us right..
    Oh I am so sorry the comments section did not open

  7. Well Rambler; not that I want to prove my point ; but i really liked the point marja has come up with. People care for you ; they want you to be happy hence they are concern for you ; not that you want you get something do 🙂

    Well even if you want to prove your point, what is wrong sunshine, may be its your concern for me 🙂
    I know its not really wrong from their part, but then sometimes things amuze you, and there is an age for getting annoyed 🙂

  8. Rambler:

    “I don’t like book stores if it is really crowded, I do like one in Jayanagar, they have limited collection of books though, and the cafe part of it is always crowded.”

    If you do not want crowds around, then I think you live in the wrong country… 😉

    Well crowds is too small a hatred to move away from thousands of likes 🙂

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