Petting the wildness


His eyes went deep red,
And voice raised to top,
As though a dragon was woken up,
As though a silent snake was rattled,
Inner animal getting exposed.

Rarity was turning into common.

He needed couple of deep breaths,
Calmness to clear his mind.

Can he do it?
he doubted.

Patience can pet any wildness.


The prompt today over at “Totally optional prompts” was animals, since I am not so good with pets, nor a huge fan of animals, I just thought on the lines I could. so here it is.

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  1. “a dragon woken up…” it does take patience to ride dragons… 55 words of pure energy, all doubts put aside…

    Its sad on the same day as I wrote this I lost my patience in a matter.

  2. excellent.. i was thinking abut expounding on my “manimal” theory,,, and going with something human like this… you did it very well.. i loved it……

    Hey Paisley,
    nice to know you too have a similar manimal theory..

  3. That was a powerful poem!!! i think if i had to write on animals, i would have gone into animals within us…but not in poetry 😦 you do that well indeed!!!

    Thanks for the nice words..I am really bad with animals, I have absolutely no experience with them, so kind of tweeked the subject.

  4. Once again,I am impressed by the way you have taken the hint along a totally different track,yet keeping the theme in mind 🙂

    Thanks Sameera,
    just the way my thoughts went when I heard the topic..

  5. I like the tightness of these lines. The economy of words mimics the attempt at self-control. Poetry at its best!

    wow thanks for such a nice comment.
    And welcome to Virtual rambling.

  6. Hey! this was just fantastic. I love all the word play in this piece. But the idea of snakes being rattled was my favorite. Very clever writing.

    Thanks Dennis, Well some times we do rattle the sleeping snakes with us don’t we

  7. i think i saw saumya’s comment in the recent comments box and started reading the post. liked it! 🙂

    Ah ook :).. Saumya is yet to tell me how she found my old piece 🙂

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