Patterns, The topic had been on my mind for a long time this week, there are so much patterns around us, patterns in every aspect of life. It makes me remember one of the best movies I have seen in recent times “A beautiful mind”, the mind sees so many patterns.

Lets start with sounds, have you ever listened to trivial continuous sounds like the water dripping, or even a workman hitting something with an axe, or the sound of wind gushing when you are traveling in the train. While listening imagine some rhythm of sorts, and the random sounds seem fall exactly into the pattern, the strange thing is try to imagine a different rhythm and the sound tends to follow the other pattern too, don’t you feel this strange?

Even the mad traffic on the roads of Bangalore appear to have some patterns, firstly visually if you observe, the vehicles seem to travel more towards the center of the street, they keep going in a slightly slant direction, until or unless they come closer to the next vehicle, and the direction automatically gets slant in the opposite direction. Even in terms of numbers, I think Tuesdays always record the maximum peak hour jams. Mondays most of the people tend to be a little lazy at the beginning of the week and probably end up a little late, but Tuesdays they seem to get into heat of things, and more or less start on time, resulting in high peak hour traffic and  more slow moving traffic jams. Having doubts about this, check out next Tuesday.

Speaking of visual patterns, one thing which has catches my eye time and again are clouds, have you observed the patterns formed by them?, I mean sky is the limit when it comes to imagination, and every angle you look at, they tend to resemble different things, mostly I see animals when I look at the clouds. I do know that this is more of the state of mind, more like looking at the ink spots, which the doctors use to get more information of the state of mind, but when you look at these patterns be it clouds or ink spots, you are so damn convinced that the pattern you see is what the others will see too.

My mood too does follow patterns, may be I am not the only one with patterns, I normally begin the week with high enthusiasm which is always short lived, I kind of tend to become bored by Monday afternoon, which stretches till Tuesday end, Wednesday I am kind of looking forward to the weekend, thinking of some activity which I come up for the weekend, Wednesday and Thursday are spent mainly on thinking about the activity, Friday is mostly foodie day, where I concentrate more on the lunch which we go out to have, Friday evening I reach home early, and all my fizz for the weekend is gone, I hardly want to come out Saturday, I keep pushing all things to later Saturday or early Sunday, which I spend at home somehow, and Sunday evening I tend to crib that the weekend is over. so Again patterns here too.

Coming back to visual patterns, the ones I enjoy a lot are the ones formed on the surface of water when something falls on them, like either a hard substance like a pebble, the ripples that are formed are so soothing, almost like calming down the surface of the mind. Even with the oil or something falls on the water puddle on roads, the colors and patterns formed by them are also very fascinating.

World of patterns or patterns of world, both seem to fascinate me.


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  1. That’s a lovely post!Life has its own pattern,it’s us humans who fail to appreciate it.

    This time I was purely wordly 🙂
    all so much of patterns around us.

  2. Me too, patterns have always fascinated me… thus my passion for labyrinths… or how I stack the dishes in my cupboard… some would say OCD, I say, there is a pattern there and it makes me feel good to follow it, be in it, let the pattern take me somewhere else so the here becomes there… and I find myself…

    I actually looked up wikipedia to more about labyrinths, I had no clue when I first saw your blog as to what they meant
    I am not so big on the organizing stuff part, my mom always complains after entering my room, and I do the same after she leaves it 🙂
    Glad to see people finding themselves. and if you can know the pattern to do that, thats even more amazing.

  3. What an excellent post, Rambler – it shows how keenly you observe the world around you. It’s a wonderful gift.

    And isn’t A Beautiful Mind just an amazing moving – haunting, poignant and totally remarkable.

    Well sometimes its purely fascination with strange stuff that happen around you.
    oh it is, definitely what better than “mind” does we human have.

  4. this is fantastic!! i love seeing the patterns in the visual world, i think its one of the reasons i love photography so much 🙂

    oh yes they are so fascinating

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