Random Randomness #48


Random Question:
Have you ever wondered why we treat people differently?, no I am not talking about hospitality here, I am talking about how few people matter more to us, Even after lots of effort from us to give equal importance to all, some people matter more to us.
Certain people in the family have a bigger impact to you, I mean everyone advices or objects, but when certain people come out with their opinion, they really makes you stop and consider, same with friends too, some people you really care for.
Recently I came across couple of instances, where I felt both the sides of it. Some people whom I did not care at all, in fact I did not bother to check if they were saying was good or bad, at the same time. In other case, when someone else made a statement, I thought a lot on the same.
Why?, Why do we differentiate?.

Random Regrets:
This week I had been to a barbecue restaurant called “Barbecue nation” in Indiranagar. I have never been so nauseated sitting at a food joint, I know it sounds stupid to comment against smell of meat in a barbecue place, but I could not help it but it stunk. All along, I was waiting to get out of the place. With lot of difficulty little food went it, I am sure of one thing though, that would be my last visit to that place.
I remember some time back writing that I had no issues with people eating meat on the same table as me, I guess I need to add if it does not smell that much to that.
I had better luck with the other two foodie outings this week, Friday was at a nice buffet at “Roomali”. Saturday was a family outing as Friday was my dad’s birthday. I took the whole family out for lunch at nice restaurant in south Bangalore.

Random Fun:
Speaking about the family outing on Saturday, the guest of honor was my “to be” sister in law. One of my cousin is getting married soon, and it was the first time we were meeting her. It feels so nice to take in, a new person into the family, He brought her home for the first time, we had a nice chat, and we took her out for lunch, I have to admit the whole family was impressed with her ability to mix well with all of us on the first meeting.
It always baffles me how difficult it is for people to move into a new family and adjust to all new things, and every time I see that happening, it kind of makes me a little more considerate to the new person.
Being a large family the eldest of my cousins is way too older to me. We were so used to call him by name, but when he got married, we had so much difficulty as to what we will call his wife. Calling her by name was a strict no no, and we used to call her “aunty”, which we later found out she was so much annoyed with, now I have been asked to call her by name.
So yesterday I met the newest addition, I was wondering what to call her. It really does not help that the new person is younger to me, and I have no clue if I should address her in singular or plural, After a couple of hesitations she could no longer tolerate my uneasiness, and she reminded me that she is full 6 months younger to me so singular it is going to be 🙂
All in all total fun it was. Looking forward to other things planned in next couple of weeks with all of us.

Random coincidences:
When I first began to work, with my first month’s salary I wanted to buy something very personal, so went ahead and brought myself a mobile phone, A sony ericcson mobile phone which cost about 5200 Rs. When I bought that, all I had in mind was I have to keep this till the end of my working career, even if it stops working just as a souvenir. Due to unfortunate circumstances I had to change my job early in my career, On the day I got my second job which happens to be in a mobile phone major, I lost my cell phone. I felt so bad to loose my first salary souvenir.
I went ahead and brought myself a new phone to remember my second job with, I used it for about two months, before buying a phone from my own company out of loyalty. So the old phone was given to my dad. This week after almost 4 years, he lost my second souvenir phone.
Moral of the story: I Should never buy mobile phone to remember anything with I guess. 🙂

Random Bliss:
My vacation time is nearing, just 20 more days before taking one week break at a very far off place from where I live, Generally all my vacations are planned in advance, but this one happened so quickly that the idea of vacation has not totally sunk in, my friend the other day was saying I seemed to be not excited at all about my vacation, may be it is not yet showing on my face :). Whatever is the case, a week away from my desk, will have to be awesome with or without the vacation.

Random Quotes:
Speaking of vacation, the place we have chosen is slightly not safe, with lots of threats from a clan of people, but the place is so beautiful that it definitely worth the risk I guess. As I live with my parents, its really difficult to get an yes out of them for going to such a place. Last time on a similar counts they had refused to let me go, and I had to cancel. this time around they just agreed, they didn’t even fuss a little.
When I said that at my work place to couple of my colleagues one of them came up with this hilarious quote.
Your parents must be really bad with geography and current affairs, or they have totally given up hope on you. Since I know former is not true, you have your answer as to why they agreed“.
He He, totally correct analysis


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  1. oh my…difficult to keep pace with all the ramblings!!! i always find a new post when i happen to visit…

    speaking of names…i address my B-I-l’s on my husband’s side by their first names ‘cos they hate the word bava, so we are one informal family..tho it makes me uneasy to call someone years older to me by their name!!!

    and i wonder what u would do in a place like s’pore with all the non-veg smells …

    and as to ur random question..hmm…wondering how would you read this?… 🙂

    I know exactly what you mean both the ways it is uneasy either bava or name 🙂
    Well I really thought I had no problem with non veg until this very place..
    Well honestly I am not very sure how I should be reading this 🙂

  2. know What ;
    I skipped a team lunch offer at barbecue nation ..something stopped me from going there …:D

    Was that something a post over here 😀
    But have to say wise decision..

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