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I promised….

Not long ago,
on a day full of regret,
Reliving the memories,
Worrying about what could have been.
Thinking about whom it could have been,
Thinking all along, Just thinking,
Being a little remorse,
I promised something.

As polluted as the world gets,
Strangling and suffocating,
Smoke, that’s what you see all around.
with thyself almost left huffing and puffing,
I promised something,
I promised I will breathe.

As scary as the world gets,
Haunting pictures, sad stories,
Nightmares, that’s what survives.
with thyself almost loosing the simple pleasure
I promised something,
I promised I will dream.

As selfish as the world gets,
Dishonest, corrupt, unbothered, uncaring,
living mummies, who seem to walk all around.
With thyself almost forgetting something basic,
I promised something,
I promised I will live.

As dormant the world gets,
discrimination, traditional suicides,
Stale principles is what remains.
with thyself at verge of stagnancy,
I promised something,
I promised I will change.


Prompt this week over at writer’s island is “promise”.I was thinking about a day in my life, where I was so disgusted with myself, and alone and all, finally promised myself one thing “change”.



27 thoughts on “I promised….

  1. I did that New Years Eve 2006. And so far I’ve kept that promise. Although I’ve been through some difficult times, I’ve owned my whole year instead of letting myself be owned by circumstance. It’s a good promise, we can all benefit from a change toward the more positive.

    I think this happened to me somewhere near the end of 2005 too, what a co incidence.
    I think we should accept change, I was so stagnant before.

  2. beautifully written… I am struggling with this one and then I come here…

    Thanks Lea, I am sure you are gonna come up with something great

  3. and i promised myself i’ll never get angry..:))

    but beautifully written…i’ve come up with something just debating whether to put it up..after seeing this..wondering, should i?? this was so ‘promising’…:)

    Oh I think that should be my next promise, I am so frustrated with myself for loosing temper so often 🙂

  4. Ah beautiful, I promised myself to believe, always believe… and each one of your promises reiterates ‘believe’ loved it. Thank you.

    oh yeah, thats a great promise, to believe

  5. So promising…. I can think of a couple more – promises of love and trust.
    This was so beautiful.. you have a great style.

    I think trust and love are absolutely necessary, but that day I needed the others badly

  6. Rambler
    I just love that attitude that makes you find hope even thro hopelessness ..thats what keeps life going isnt it ?

    lovely piece 🙂

    Sunshine, sometimes people from all quarters of world inspire you, even if you have never met them.. so all the attitude is effect of so many important people in my life..
    hope does keep us going

  7. well, I do believe that promises to breathe, live, dream and change are wonderful and easy enough to keep. Just try not to!

    Nicely done.

    Well Danae I never found these easy 🙂

  8. ****I promised something,
    I promised I will live.

    Loved these lines…and so love the thought behind it….hope you live upto all these promises 🙂

    Thanks Prats..I hope the same too 😀
    Long time no see over her 🙂


  9. I like your I will on each promise. Well, I liked the whole thing, but I really liked the “I will” part. Action mixed with metaphoric truth! Well done.

    Thanks Mary.. yes “I will” was meant to be action suggestive

  10. So beautiful _ I yearn to laminate and hang it to push me through the process.

    Thanks so much Tumblewords for such nice words, specially coming from you makes it even more special

  11. Wow Rambler… very potent stuff here. I really enjoyed this, and I wish you well in keeping these promises you made to yourself!

    Thanks Rob, I too hope the same 🙂

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