Awards time…


Sameera who writes beautifully at Sameera’s Haven, has given me an award, “Thoughtful blog reader” award. Sameera thank you so much for this one, I am not so sure about the thoughtful part, surely I am a blog reader though 🙂

Marja, who is from far away New Zealand, whom I met through writer’s island, and writes wonderfully at DUTCHCORNER has given me a nice award “Thank you for being my friend”. Blog world is so amazing, you make new friends so easily.


Thank you people for being so nice to me, and passing on these awards to me.

I would like to pass on “Thank you for being my friend” award to a new friend I have made recently, Lea who writes at Tales From The Labyrinth. One of the few people whose blog I came across accidentally and have been reading regularly ever since. Thanks Lea for being my friend, and sharing your wonderful experiences with all of us.


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  1. What a sweet thing to find here!

    First, congratulations to you! Both Sameera and Marja have very good taste in choosing you! You are thoughtful Rambler. You go right to the core of what someone is writing and then you comment in such a way that it illuminates what is being said.

    And, thank you for being my friend Rambler and choosing me to express your thanks in this way. I very much enjoy sharing this bloglandia passion for thought, word, and image with you. As well as this connection across space!

    You made my day!

    Thanks so much for the nice words..

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