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Random Randomness #49

This week looks like my writing is a little on the confusing side, have not been able to convey what I really wanted to say in most of my posts. So please pardon some more senseless writing.

Random Weekend fun:
I happened to catch a nice friend who is back from the states to Bangalore for a couple of weeks, it had been about 2 years since I met her, and it turned out a very nice outing for me. I was generally was off mood since Friday, and the meet, the talk made my mood totally. I can’t belove we chatted for like 2.5 hours at a coffee place, After 2 cups of latte each and a plate of samosas later, we came out only because she had somewhere else to go to. I could not believe myself that I spoke so much, Its not that we had lots of things to catch up on, we do speak to each other over phone once in a while, but then this was nice. Totally unexpected week fun. Looking forward to more such weekends.

Random Facts:
I have this very bad habit of jumping to the topic, I generally do not beat around the bush when I converse, Especially on the phone, I just use that to talk what I called for. In most of the cases, people might find it odd, but thats how I am. Recently it so happened when I spoke to a friend, well not very close yet. I was about to ask something, when he pointed out what’s the hurry. I kind of felt a little embarrassed, when I think about that in detail, it looks so rude. I got to improve my social skills.

Random Discomfort:
I have had issues with physical proximity of any kind from long time, I do not like it even when I know for sure that it is innocent. Recently it so happened that I was out with a bunch of people close to me, and a person tried to hold my arms. I know it was really innocent, but I kinda tried to get myself out of it. This totally emberassed the person, and unfortunately I noticed this looking straight into the person’s face. Just ruined the whole evening for me. I could not stop getting embarrassed everytime I looked at the person. Why, Why am I so afrid of..

Random problems:
Suddenly I seem to have become an insomniac, I have not had much problems sleeping, I always had a routine sleep of around 8/9 hours from my school days, suddenly now I can’t seem to sleep beyond 5, even though I sleep late like 12 just to make sure I don’t wake up early. I am comfortable sleeping around 9:30 10, in fact I struggle to keep myself awake beyond 10:30 PM. But when it comes to morning, I am not getting good sleep till 6 which I used to before, I am not sure what is the cause, I had guessed in winter people feel more sleepy because of the cold weather. The latest on this I kinda slept very late watching TV last two nights, but then even after I went to bed it took a long time for me to fall asleep. Signs of growing old?.

Random realization:
Change is something which is easily spotted from outside, the change in your behavior, or accent, or if you have put on some weight etc, it is easily caught by people from outside more easily than yourself. When you yourself realize the change in you, it surprises you more. It happened to me last Sunday. I was never much of an outgoing person, I am generally silent in a group unless I know the people very well, and never mix with people easily, it takes some time for me to get comfortable with people. Somehow it has changed so much these days, I am kind of mixing with new people easily. I am not sure how this happened, but it has happened. As I was thinking about this, I heard from a new person that I am not at all reserved or take long time to get used to people. For the first time in my life I am hearing this from somebody.

Random music:
If you know me personally, or speak to me about 2 minutes on music, it would be very easy for you to know that I am big big fan of “Sonu Nigam” the singer, I generally don’t like comparison with old singers, I don’t think it is fair to compete someone as versatile as “Kishore kumar” or “Mohammad rafi” with current singers. But I just love Sonu Nigam’s voice, he has been my favorite from the days of his first single “pooja” and first hit album “Deewana”. I have not heard any recent singer who I feel can challenge Sonu Nigam. Just the other day heard an young contestant from Star voice of India who has turned anchor recently called “Abhas”. After a long time I think there is a singer who can really sing.

Random discussion:
I had a nice discussion over a topic I wrote over here with a friend from the blog world. The topic being “Trust and Gender”. Ever since I wrote the topic, was waiting to discuss this with someone, one to one, to see what they think about the matter. I may write many things on this blog, but not sure why, but the things I write over at “Pure pursuits” are the ones which keep me thinking long after I am done writing. I would like to thank this friend who spared time to discuss this topic with me. I really enjoyed the whole discussion and the exchange of views.

8 thoughts on “Random Randomness #49

  1. Thanks Rambler for some random things to learn about you… It is frustrating when you can’t say what you want to say, or people don’t mirror back that they heard, but I am so glad you write it out anyways… I really liked here the piece you said about how your random realizations are changing… awesome!

    When we spot our own changes, they surprise us even more 🙂

  2. I also need to work on my social skills.

    I have a problem with jumping into topics, a lot of times because I wasn’t paying attention to what the other person was really saying.

    sometimes even without our knowledge we might end up giving wrong signals.

  3. My daughter is like you. Quiet untill she feels comfortable. Doesn’t like people to come close and jumps into topics etc. She also got more social and outgoing lately. It most be in the air.

    Looks like it is in the air 🙂

  4. grr. Still wild at u for not calling me for that coffee session !!!

    physical proximity, I know u detest it 😛 I noticed it the other day also when Nikhil tried to hug u 😉

    looks like we are even after you gave hath for the dinner 😉 what say you..

    he he I did see you looking at me being uncomfortable that day :D.. detest might be a strong word. what say you ? 🙂

  5. i too jump straight to teh point…i don’t think it is a fault butyes, perhaps it sounds a bit off place ina group…nice to hear that you are getting out a bit…good change…

    i really think you should stop apologizing…this is your blog, you should write what you feel senselss, or sense-full, and i think your visitors know that…

    yeah it does appear like good change
    Oh it was not apologizing, it was just my thoughts after seeing comments and rereading my own posts.
    sometimes we go through these stages where you cannot express what you want to say.

  6. Touch is a blessing God has given to humans. It can convey million words when your vocal chords fail. It can give you the comfort, the security which no word can give. Have you seen a baby which identifies mother solely by touch & feels so secure there? Have you ever comforted by a friend who held your hand & said nothing, but you still felt so much better. For girls, it serves both as 5th & 6th sense ;o) The moment someone touches her, even a handshake, she can tell you how a guy is and whether befriend him or to stay away. Once you overcome your discomfort, I am sure you’ll appreciate its power :o)

    I totally agree with you, touch is indeed a gift, and it does convey a lot of words, may be thats the reason I am uncomfortable with it. As far as a girl’s feel from a touch goes, I have heard about this before, I am really curious how it happens. May be there is a right time and a right person which/who will get me out of the discomfort 🙂

  7. If you visit my blog today you will see I too have issues with being touched. It happens.
    I have added you to my Universe Blogroll…please notify me if I have not categorized you correctly, it is meant as no offense.

    thanks for adding me to your blogroll

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