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Why – Heads or Tails #18

The topic over at skittles this week for heads or tails is “Things in sky or space” if we call heads, and “Things in or under, water” if we chose tails. I decided to call Tails but then with a little more liberty with the topic.


The most fascinating aspect about water is its transparency. It not only lets you see whats on it, but also whats inside, whats deep inside. Water on its own is always clean and highly transparent, its the external wastes, the mixtures that get into it which makes water polluted and opaque. In some cases water can turn so bad, that the stink it produces and the diseases rampant in and around can kill thousands inside as well as people who dare to go near the water body. So is water responsible for that?, or is it the stuff which gets into it?, is it the person who produces the stuff? or the person who lets it into the water?, or is it the water itself for letting in the stuff from outside?.

Why do I see people everywhere, why do I see people as water bodies?, why do I see people as industries, why do I see people polluting each other?, why do I see people not being strong to against pollution of their mind from others. The question who is responsible for this still eludes me.

Have you ever seen a fish in a pond?, does it every have clue that one day, something as basic as quest for its food, something which is its absolute necassity, with absolutely no hint of selfishness, can make it get caught into the net?, a net which promised it food. Little does it realize till it reaches the tank where it is going to end up with, is it going to be in a bowl entertaining some little one of a superior living form? or is it going to be on a plate of a bigger and stronger species, ready to devour the fish on its whole?.

Why do I see people everywhere, why do I see the people as fish being caught for doing nothing selfish, why do I see people enjoying looking at a helpless fellow living thing by caging them into a glamorous world with no independence, why do I see stronger people devouring people from their plate, as thought it is their fundamental right. why?

The water is drying up all around us, the lakes are emptier, the water level below our earth is forever decreasing, with fears of water less world haunting our future generations, Shallow water beds stands in areas when rivers flowed which deafening roars, the shallowness creating a slush of sorts, killing thousands of inhabitants, causing immense fear in the surviving few.

Why do I see people everywhere, why do I see people loosing hope day by day, people becoming empty, people loosing the enthusiasm and optimism, why do I the society shallower, and people afraid.


16 thoughts on “Why – Heads or Tails #18

  1. Intense, powerful and beyond my wildest dreams of what a HoT post could fathom, thank you for your insight and visiting my blog.

    Anne, Thank you so much for the kind words

  2. Another well written and in depth interpretation of the theme. Thanks for sharing your personal perceptions about the environment. Thanks for visiting.

    Rach it was as much about environment as it was about the polluted people

  3. Wow loved the comparison with people specially as fish trapped in a glamourused world. exellently done. Here in NZ there is still .crystal clear water and water that is so pure that nothing is added and a delight to drink.
    Just as there are pure people which are a delight to drink in there wisdom. Like you Thanks for this

    Marja, you are lucky to find the clear waters, hope people have enough awareness to preserve it.
    hey thanks for thinking about me that way.

  4. Interesting post. Gets you thinking.
    Have a great Tuesday.
    Come by and visit.

    Thanks making people think brings me a lot of happiness.
    Please do provide me with your link, will surely stop by

  5. Those are huge questions. If we had answers perhaps we could actually improve things. I wish people would recognize these plays of power as what they are: domination and subjugation over others when no dominance is needed. There is enough for everybody. Thank you for this post.

    I would love to join you in wishing that

  6. this is so incredibly powerful, thought provoking!! really wonderfully done ~ i am a glass half full water girl and hope that if we see this, we can do our part to make a difference 🙂

    oh yes if we do our part, it would definitely make a difference

  7. I had a friend once who told me about a book she used to read her boys. It was about a family of people living in a fish bowl and the goldfish were on the outside taking care of their “pets.” This post reminded me of that for some reason.

    isn’t it demeaning in a kind of way, I mean using people for our entertainment?

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