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  1. He may have been fake, but oh what a tale he could weave and how he romanced the ladies!!! They said he had billions locked away in some bank up in the North, he spent gold like it was true, but every winter, suddenly he would dissapear…. some said he went south…

    Oh didn’t know this, thanks for sharing.
    btw Fake here was me according to many..

  2. haha.. this is weird. someone actually shares my nickname. but nah.. i dont think that “anything made to appear than it actually is, fake”. there are times when the truth needs to be hidden, you know.

    I know Jos what you are talking about
    But there are times when people don’t want to see the truth, or don’t believe there can be an alternate truth
    and think its fake.

  3. Reality varies depending upon perception. Is anything real?

    If you want to see it everything is fake, but you could also believe everything is real 🙂

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