Bonds and Birds


As he laid there
in a dark room
with silence surrounding
his bare chest exposed
moving up and down as he breathes
His bright eyes flipped
with no signs of the stony past
past full of coke, and the pot
past jarred with memories from the rehab.

A hand dug into his chest
hand that belonged to a beautiful lady
curling just few inches away
The silver strands of hair
shone well in the moonlight
as the puff of wind blew
pushing out the sheets from her leg
exposing the cigarette burns
scars and more scars
telling tales of her body
which once was easily sold.

As they lay there calm and happy
with no worries from the past,
looking together, sharing life,
like the birds from the south,
In extreme winter of life.


The prompt today over at “Totally optional prompts”  ‘Birds and Bonds’, my attempt at the topic.


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  1. it is a wonderful dream isn’t it…. two very broken people finding love…. unfortunately…..

    very nicely done rambler…..

    Its wonderful that two broken people can see beyond their broken body and souls
    See something beautiful hidden deep down, that too in the winter of their lives.

  2. nice….
    it brings to mind something i saw on discovery some time back.,.. about drug use.. a couple living together mere shells .. using drugs and constantly on the high…
    However here they do have a promise of a life … nice very nice!!

    sometimes, with people whom you bond with, you can be high without drugs or alcohol 🙂

  3. That was awesome!I wonder how you came up with that from the prompt given 🙂

    Thanks Sameera.. just a little attempt, in most of the cases it wont even come close to the prompt I guess 😀

  4. This is really good Rambler! I really like what you did with the promts, and I especially like the last two lines…

    “like the birds from the south,
    In extreme winter of life.”


    Lea, thanks so much.

  5. It’s good to think the best and if it’s only for a short time it still happened. I liked the way you linked their fate to the birds from the south.

    hmm thanks STG, its always good to think the best, I totally agree

  6. like birds form the south
    in extreme winter of life Magnificent
    beautifully written
    I love how the the poem shines some light in a dark corner of life

    We all should think about that, shouldn’t we?, with so many dark things around especially

  7. hey ….. so i just dropped by the blog on blogger which is not longer your blog ….anyways …. although i do nto have time to read the entire thing but what up is really god stuff i read missing connections and its so beautiful …. i love your movie choices they are great !!!! and as for the above post …. its deep and really rich in a way …. powerful way of sending acroos the message about the past … the last two lines are simply put pretty perfect !!!

    Welcome to virtual rambling BlueButterfly.
    missing connections was one of the older posts :), surprised you stumbled upon it now.
    keep visiting.

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