Random Randomness #50


This week had been a little low on spirits both with my writing on blog world and even otherwise outside, a weekend was a good revival of sorts. With ideas of a 10 day vacation at the end of next week, I end the week with this weeks randomness going on in stupid little brain of mine.

Random Bliss:
This weekend has been nothing but total family time. Friday was when we had a party for my cousin who got engaged, rather they had a party for all of us, that meant an early take off from work. An evening spent with close cousins and people whom we got to know for the first time from his to be wife’ side.
This also meant that my granny came home to stay with us for the weekend, its always fun with her staying around, she is more like a friend to all of us, so there is always pulling her leg, and she trying to pull ours.
Saturday another close cousin of mine who is back to Bangalore for a short time popped in for a visit, and we were back doing things which we used to love back when he was in Bangalore, roaming around the city, exploring new places, and shopping/eating meaningless stuff. It was so much fun, even though it was just for half a day.
Saturday evening was a totally unexpected, the engaged couple dropped in at home for some work, and stayed late till about 11 and then we decided, or rather they decided and pulled me along to go out for a midnight snack, and how could I refuse when the place they were talking about is one of my favorite, it turns out that my “to be” SIL too likes the place a lot. So we came back home late, very late, and planning all the way back, our future visits to the place.
Sunday was another party for house warming in the morning, and as I type this I need to run for a birthday party. All In all, it was a total family weekend, I loved most of it.

Random techniques:
Speaking of Family, I learnt and was impressed by a new technique my cousin and his wife have developed. My cousin has a 5 year old girl, and we all know that kids, learn from what they hear at home, specially from mothers, so my cousin’s wife has started a new trend, to address all of us by our relation to her daughter, so I am ***** mava for all the people at home, and my other cousin is ***** chikkappa, and so on. Whenever they talk to us, they refer to us with respect which they want kid to give us, and its just amazing how easily her daughter picked it up within weeks. As the trend caught on, all people in the family have started to call us this way. Silly but fun.

Random foodie:
Speaking of “Our” family and still no mention of food, how is that possible? 🙂
This week has been real high on the food intake, Thursday afternoon was lunch buffet at “South Indies” a south indian restaurant in Indira nagar, even for a person like me who does not like eating out south indian food it was a treat. A little expensive I thought, but was good.
Friday afternoon was a lunch outing to a fast food joint “mast kalander”, Couple of aloo paratas for lunch was fun
Friday evening was a feast at my cousin’s engagement party, lots and lots of items to eat, and then with lots of sweets and couple of deserts it was so heavy on my stomach.
Saturday was supposed to be a rest day, but then my cousin dropped in, so my mom prepared yummy pav bhaji with couple of other things, so it was again a hogging session on Saturday afternoon.
Evening as per my cousin’s request we went out for some chats, as he had not had them for quite some time, so I decided to skip dinner. Little did I know about the midnight session out at VV puram. Lots of dishes later, ended up skipping breakfast sunday morning.
Sunday lunch was another feast with some nice innovative ideas for sweets and deserts, thank god I decided to skip breakfast.

Random realizations:
I tend to get involve so much in my relationships, or even acquaintances, probably that’s the reason I don’t like to be around people, because I know in most cases the other side does not feel or want to feel involved to such an extent. So why is it that I need to be so serious, can’t I be very casual, forget about caring. and just be a care free person, just treating people superficially and moving on?. Can I ever do that?
kept me wondering all through the week. In fact I have written so many times about detachment in here, even after all that talks why is that my mind can’t take things lightly, people easily I do not understand.

Random confessions:
I think jealousy is something which is hard to explain, and especially when you personally feel there is no need for it. When someone feels all confident, with no problems with money, nor with intelligence. When one grows beyond something like money and property, bigger than petty things around, there are higher more important things in life which can make one jealous. Happiness, life, relations, are things which sometimes makes me want them, no I am may not feel jealous in the true sense, it might just be a strong want, or may be in the border between want and very little jealous feeling. Whatever it is, It again boils down to what Mitch Albom explains in Tuesday’s with Morrie, “Needs and wants”.

Random news:
I am all excited for my vacation starting next Saturday, I am yet to start planning what all to carry, that was planned for yesterday but nothing has happened so far, hopefully I get to do something today. BTW this also means that more than a week of no crap dished out here at virtual ramblings 🙂


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  1. First could you please not call your brain stupid or that what we find here as crap??? I know you were somewhat kidding…

    I love coming here Rambler, how you show up day after day expressing what is your experience. I learn a lot from you, even though there is quite an age, gender, and cultural difference. The whole networking of your family is amazing to me.

    Cyberspace is the hardest one for me in relationships. You can’t use facial expressions, or ask questions right back to clarify. So what may appear as superficial in an e-mail, may in fact be more loaded and full of depth than you ever realized. I too, wonder why some don’t respond or have I said too much? But then I realize this is cyberspace and it is so easy to project on what is not there… I am having the hardest time keeping up with e-mails, makes me want to chuck my computer completely. But all I can do is be as real as I can and sometimes that means just saying hello, or loved what you wrote, when really what I want is to spend an entire afternoon at coffee discussing what’s been written about.

    So here are some of my ramblings in response to yours…

    Have a great week getting ready to be on vacation!

    Lea, I was indeed trying to be a little kiddish when I said acting stupid, but sometimes I do find my own thoughts stupid in a real sense.
    glad to hear you like coming over, and I too like your apt comments, but then age/gender/culture does not really matter, we all learn so much from each other.
    cyber space is really difficult but then so is real life, relationships are never easy are they?

  2. nice reading about your random ramblings. have a great vacation! 🙂

    Random randomness posts are like a weekly status of events in my brain :), things which I really enjoy writing …
    thanks for reading.. these posts do mean a lot to me.

  3. so hey again ….
    reading the rambling … reminded me of the last family gathering we had …. they are always fun … and give you so many memories …. also it reminded me of bangalore …whne i was nine , my dad got a transfer so we lived in bangalore for three months …. i remember there was a restaurant called “nilgiri’s ” or something like that …. we were regulars … they had the best soft serve cone …

    Families are always fun right.. Nilgiris.. not sure which one you talking about.

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