A Perfect gift – Heads or Tails #19


The topic over at skittles this week for heads or tails is “A memorable gift”. I had written this piece on my birthday this year, and I feel it forms a memorable gift, so am sharing this once again.
For people who are new to fifty five charmers, here go the rules.
Fifty five charmers are an effort to say what you got in 55 words, its supposed to pose a problem, give a solution, with a twist and some inference to take away with.

An elusive toy,
An expensive watch,
A flashy mobile phone,
An expensive shirt,
A simple card.

Always in search of perfect gift,
To give and to receive

The joy of playfulness,
A sense of time,
Words they want to speak and hear,
Their vision of your appearance,
Emotions put into words

Perfect indeed.
Indeed perfect.


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  1. 🙂 sweet and simple. every time i visit your site, i find you have posted something new. you must really love writing!

    Hey priya.. nothing like that, I just stick to what I feel 🙂
    love writing..hmm not as much as thinking 😀

  2. this was good indeed…and the prompt souds interesting…head/tails and fiftyfive are diff right?

    and ure tagged…i would def like to c u do this…;)

    yeah TA, they are different, 55 is not a prompt its just a style of writing :), so thought why not use that here..
    would definitely do the tag, as soon as I am back from vacation

  3. hey
    thanks for droppin by my blog …
    so i read quite a load of stuff ….. everything after bonds and birds …. and i really like the way you write …..as for the above poem …. its real good …. the line “Words they want to speak and hear,” …. … good work !!!

    blogrolling you !!!

    Blue Butterfly
    When people speak to you, many a times its a gift, and so much the same when they hear you.. isn’t it 🙂
    Thanks for blogrolling me 🙂

  4. Wow, I had never heard of the fifty five charmers…what a great premise. But even without that background, your poetry is wonderful. And this one, for me, captures the elusive gifts giving of Christmas.

    Happy Tuesday.

    Hey thanks vixenden. have a merry christmas!

  5. That was well-said!I love the way you craft words with a single-word 🙂

    Hey Thanks Sameera.. you should try too.. I am sure you would make a much better poetry than many of us.

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