Staying alive


He could feel himself breathing,

The pulse was up there too,

Pinch, and his body felt the pain too.


He wondered

Was he not alive?


Numbness towards emotions

Failure to care about people

Love no longer felt

Relations all dead and gone.


He had seen the sign before,

and Ignored.

Sign reading…

“Living isn’t breathing!”


The prompt today over at “Totally optional prompts” ‘Not so usefull signs’, my attempt at the topic.


15 responses »

  1. no, living isn’t breathing….I’m so with you on that one. Yet again you have captured something that is on my mind.

    hey thanks Johemmant.

  2. Profound!!!! But so depressing for this time of the year.. cheer up!!!
    The poem was really nice though.. a lovely take on the topic!!

    Preeti.. hey thanks for cheering me up …yeah a little depressing.. but it was pure fiction.

  3. Technically living is a functioning brain. So a dead brain while the body breathes is not really ‘living’. 😉

    A person with a fully functionally brain can be dead as well 🙂

  4. Well done! I’ve never suffered from depression but just reading this gives me a taste!

    Neither have I, and sorry this was not about depression either.. just that some people think they can live just because they breathe..

  5. Lovely poem. You have an amazing way with words 🙂 Keep up the poetry, the simpler they are the better they feel 🙂

    Hey Thanks Rusty..I hope too, that the words keep coming..

  6. lovely poem! 🙂 of course, living isn’t just breathing. that is only ‘existing’….

    Thanks Priya..sometimes existing isn’t breathing too, do you think these people can prove their existence? 🙂

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