Identity – January


Since I am gonna be gone for quite some time, I thought why not relive the posts from 2007 which I really enjoyed writing, one from each month.. so here it is from the month of January.


Its always nice to know what you are. But do we really know what we are?, I am not so sure. So what would you say, If some one asks you to Identify yourself, What I mean here is, How would you Identify yourself. Name is the last thing I want to be my Identity. What have I done or what I have achieved which can be stated as an identity. Its a tough one to think about.

Does my profession become my Identity. No, I am not a Bill Gates to make my profession Identify me.

Does my academics Identify me, No again, I am not some Einstein here where my inventions speak for me.

Does the wealth Identify me, No not even close, I am not a multimillionaire for money to become identity

Does my behavior, values and religion identify me, I don’t consider myself extra ordinary in those fields either.

So what it that, that identifies me? This ones a toughie
So does this mean I am going through an identity crisis, hell No.
So does this mean mediocre person do not have a strong identity? Well not so sure here. I feel yes they don’t and some times no they do.

Problem here seams to be the approach I have used to Identify myself. One should never be identified by comparison. Each one will have his/her own Identity, When you try to establish this in comparison with others, a stronger quality of one person might overshadow the subtle differences. So let me re look at the Identity

I am hard working and I have enough courage and ability to adopt to any profession, Does this identify me? I was good enough to recognize importance of academics, and also the fact that never I should repent in life that I did not take my academics seriously, Does this Identify me?
I tried to innovate and make my job easier both at work and in day to day life. Does this Identify me?
I make enough money, to realize its importance, and thus more importantly knowing how to spend it, Does this Identify me?
I have developed strong values, and make sure my behavior is not affected by circumstances and outcome, Does this Identify me?

I think it does. It might not distinguish me, but surely Identifies me. Here “Me” could be anybody. So the whole problem seems to be due to lack of knowledge about difference between Identity and Differentiators.

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  1. Thats a nice thing you’re doing….wrapping up the year in style…
    Wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy ne wYear…Hope you have a great time on you vacation

    Hey Thanks Prats, wish you a very happy new year and merry christmas too. Glad to see you around once again.

  2. I have found that I am always changing. Who I thought was me yesterday, a year ago, and twenty years ago has gone profound transformation. I think “I” am but the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, and I love finding out more about how I move in the world with every new thing I encounter…

    The best part is allowing oneself to change, and being happy about it.. Looks like you are doing both, thats extremely good ya know. I like the idea of being the tip of iceberg, but then again the point here was how would you identify that “tip”, there are so many such people around right?, there must be something which I need to do to prove my identity.

  3. this is a great idea … doing a post for every month
    so this is a toughie question we are dealing with here … our current principal asks us everyday in the assembly to stand silently for a minute and wonder about the question “who i am” .
    i used to be really intriguied by it and used to form a web of various ideas about who i thought i was … and then one day i realized ‘who am i”, cant really be defined by me .. because for me , “me” is a very wide term it encompasses far more than one can say ..
    so its safe to say that after two to three months of attending the assemblies i stopped wondering … and rather started discovering …

    Current Principal… oooh you made me feel olddddddddddd
    BTW I would have loved to study under him, looks to be a an real thoughtful person
    Please don’t stop wondering, its wondering which leads to discovery and discovery which leads to more wondering.
    I have to say I am pretty much impressed with your principal, and of course with your thoughts about “who am I”

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