Discovering the Amigo – April


Earlier last Friday…
place : cubeland,
scene : Me walking with a cup of coffee, catch up with this person
As I walked with a cup of coffee in my hand, I sight this person walking with a big cover in her hand.

Cut to few days earlier…
Finally After almost four years of work life, I decide to take a vacation. A big one,[more to come
on this one in couple of days], This vacation needed a backpack and I decide to borrow one from this person. Lets call her “Amigo”

A little history on Amigo…
She is seated very close to where I sit in my cubeland, and she has been around from the day I joined here. Thought I had seen her around and a couple of talks in between, never kinda hung out with her, nor have spent time conversing. Lately have spent some time with her, and kind of conversed too. But I didn’t have her number on my cell. Somehow I had not asked over the time, and there had been no need for it too. Anyways…

Focusing back on the scene…
I was hoping she gets the bag on Friday, so that I can get ready for my vacation, as all of this week I will be at work, and may not get time to pack. So I wanted to call her on Thursday evening and remind her, There I realized that I didn’t have her number.

fast forward to couple of minutes later…
[I forgot what happened in between ;)]
I ask Amigo, “Hey! whats your number?, I wanted to call you yesterday to remind”. And then it started. Amigo grinning from ear to ear, with a mischievous look.

*Me thinking*…..
oh oh, was I wrong in asking the number?. didn’t know, I shouldn’t have asked probably, But why is Amigo grinning? I looked around, Did I embarrass her or something, She does not look like that kind of a person. On a normal day I would have given up but decide to ask her number again.

Cut back to a month earlier….
I started getting these text messages on my phone, I generally am not so careful in maintaining the address book in my phone. So I thought this must be some friend of mine. I sent back “Who is this”,and no reply. I ignored the message. But then I started getting more from that number, not very often once in a while. I thought some guy is trying to send out messages in air, just hoping for a girl to reply back. The messages were decent forwards of some hilarious jokes, So I did not take any nasty steps. [Well “You” can debate on how nasty I can get]. The curiosity of knowing who the person was actually not much, I almost thought it was some desperate guy.

Cut back to the popped question…
As I ask Amigo the number again, she grinningly says you have it already, I thought she was
referring the one time I called her asking her friend her number, I hadn’t stored.So I tell her,
that. She grins again and tells me remember “Who is this?”

It had been a long time since a girl[Should I call girl or a woman :D], played a prank on me. The
last time was long time back it was more of a mischief rather than a prank. Well Amigo now I am not only scared but also careful around you 😉


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  1. ohk … hmm taken for a ride …….eh?
    but i guess then you could not have done much ……and i like the way you take the reader through all the moments …..tht months and the minutes …

    not ride as such, but was fun 🙂

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