He is all that!- May


He is happy and is grinning ear to ear,
He does not bother about what people think of him,
He is careless and totally wild,
He is ready to take any risk without thinking about the consequence,
He shares common likes with the masses,
He does show the emotion, he is feeling, on face,
He thinks naughty,
He speaks a lot, even with people he doesn’t know,
He enjoys himself in parties and gatherings,
He is not defensive and fights even with most powerful, knowing for sure it would harm him,
He does not hide his identity,
He craves for recognition and appreciation,
He lacks logic and thinks through his heart,
He ranks beauty above brains,
He is very difficult to meet,
A closer look confirms, he is just a very rare “ME”


6 responses »

  1. I remember this one 🙂 Again, well written !

    Saumya, I do remember you had liked it back them as well :).. one of my oldest readers you see 😉

  2. hey !!!
    hmm so nice stuff again …. nice getting to know you … even i tend to speak a lot with people i do not know !!!
    but thats the fun !!!

    merry xmas happy new year … and enjoy the holidays !!!

    Thanks BB, I tend to not speak with people I know as well :),
    thanks and wish you the same..

  3. that was nice. i dont remember reading it back then though. or maybe i havent started reading this back then yet. dont remember. but that was nice.

    Hey Thanks Jos..

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