Reality and Happiness – October


I saw a movie on Sunday night, it was called “Dil Dosti Etc”, apt title, an Okey movie, nothing great, but now sure what made me take this from the movie. I finished the movie, and I was left with the topic of reality and happiness in my mind.

I am kind of getting lost when it comes to reality, is it that people find too much reality in fake world?, or too much obsessed with reality makes them see everything as fake in real world?. When people believe in something its so much real to them, the concept of good or bad does not apply to them, they just know its real. When people believe in something so much, when they see something other than what they believe, it looks so fake to them. Here comes the problem, with time when their belief changes, suddenly, something things which were real for such a long time becomes fake,

I have written in the past as how I have problems with forgiving and forgetting, sometimes I feel the others were at fault, for pushing me into a situation where I dont believe them, or the incident and find it really hard to forgive them.
Sometimes I feel its so much fake in there, I don’t want to remember that at all, making it more clearly etched in my mind.

I guess there are three kinds of people,
People who are always happy, still they know deep down that the moment they give a slip to their mind about sadness, they will end up realizing reality and the sadness with it.
People who are always sad, hoping that this would be totally risk free, making sure that they cannot get any more sad, only way from there is happiness.
People who don’t care if they are happy or sad, they don’t care about how they feel, they just react to life.

If you have seen the movie, and wonder where I got this from the movie, I am not sure myself. may be thats what the three girls symbolized to me,
one who was happy enough and always tried to forget her sadness.
one who acted sad just to hide how happy she was with what she got in the end,
the third one just reacted.

Reality as the two guys saw it. one who thought the world was fake, and he was trying to see
reality in what happens,
the other thought world was real, and finally gets disillusioned with fakeness.

Or may be it was just the parallel drama that was unfolding in ramblers mind as watched the movie …

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  1. My husband and I go around and around about what IS reality… We see the world very differently in several areas, and luckily for our relationship 🙂 we see a similar or overlapping reality that allows us to relate to each other…. for years I experienced extreme rollercoasters of sadness and happiness, and then I began to practice not holding on to one or the other, feeling the sadness or happiness in the moment, and my reality of the world, both internal and external shifted and changed…

    Lea, thats a great thing to have, may be years down the line I too can talk about my life in the similar way.
    Its really important to relate, glad to know you guys do/

  2. Whew.. heavy!!! Reality is so elusive?! I believe in living in the moment.. in today’s reality… and i achieve this about 50 % of the time!! as for the happy or sad bit, life is about looking at the bright side of things and staying as happy as you can.. dont you think? so which kind are you??

    so you go with what you believe is real at the moment. hmm so that means you try to find reality in fake world…

    I guess as far as happiness goes, I guess i might be in the 1st category, be happy knowing that If I give a chance to sadness, it will totally wipe out my happiness 🙂


  3. Rambler:

    There are 2 kinds of people: those who deal with life and realise that things to be happy about vastly exceed those to moan about; and those who moan so much that they forget to notice even the small blessings they have. The former live life at a more complex level – thinking, evaluating, deciding, ignoring, celebrating, reminiscing, planning, doing, living – than most observers realise. They have a rich inner life which helps them see sadness in perspective – as a constant companion just like happiness.

    No matter what one feels, somebody else will always find fault with it. Some days ago I wrote about how my sunniness irritates some people. I could say the same about their own lingering depression but I do not.

    Hmm Shefaly, to be frank, I did not get your comment fully.
    so you mean to say there are people who think things to be happy outnumber things to be sad, they accept sadness to be part of the life and go on. I guess this is too idealistic, no one ever wants to be sad, may be they have the ability to accept sadness and enjoy the happiness more.

    btw do you know about the festival ugadi?.. just curious about your take on our tradition of bevu/bella [neem/jaggery].

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