Random randomness #1/08


Random ramblings are back, well this has been the first week of 2008, and randomness is still very much a part of my life.
Random changes:
Virtual ramblings is gonna see a little changes, I may not participate it all the prompts I used to, the prompts have been real creative challenge to me, and has helped me develop my own writing style, it has also meant that I am not thinking more on things which I like to think about. So I might cut down on the prompts this year, I may not do “wordless wednesday” and “totally optional prompts” from now on. However I am thinking of writing a little more of fiction, so may be a I will start a fiction series of my own on the lines of randomness series.

Random cubeland scare: Have you ever been a part of exclusive men gang?, the topics that get discussed there are very amusing. It may surprise many people, I am sure even things I talk about may be amusing to others in the gang. For example, they could not digest the fact that I could almost all the time name the season to which any episode of friends that is on TV belongs, or when I discuss a particular book which they have never heard about, or when being from a traditional family talk about religion indiscrimination. But coming back to amusing stuff that gets discussed out, there are people in the gang who can identify if a woman worker, who is not working in the same group, and in all probability has never spoken to the person, has straightened her hair from the curly ones. To be honest this amuses me, what a great deal of attention people pay. Not just attention, he had also done the ground work to find out how much that sort of a procedure costs. and was proudly declaring, it must have cost her 5000rs. Really funny topics. They also have a nice way of keeping track of who is going around with whom, and they make sure they have sources who bring them information. All this scares me a little, what if in there is an exclusive woman gang, who watches men closely, what if they found out, every week I bring out two jeans and alternate then with different T-shirts. Scary!

Random fun:
Have you ever argued with old people?, it is the best fun I have had over this week, my granny at home, and our arguments. Old people have there own principles, some which I stick onto blindly, but very strongly. In most of the cases, my granny would not even bother to know why we need to do a thing in a certain way, but we need to, thats all she is worried about.
Recently a far relative of mine, who has the same name as me, and is an year older to me, declared his intentions to marry a girl. the girl is apparently from a another caste, now he is so farly related that we never get to hear anything about him or his family generally at home, but ever since this happened his name has started lingering around for many other discussions.
So my granny comes up to me and she says, last couple of years it has become very scary and dangerous, you never know what will happen, girls are turning dangerous, I am telling your mom to find you a girl as soon as possible.
Me:Girls and dangerous? all because he chose a different caste girl?.. how can a different caste girl be dangerous,
Granny: They always have a different style of living, so they may not adjust.
Me: So who stays with parents after marriage these days?, there is no need to adjust, even if they end up staying what adjustment should they do?, there is nothing different around here
Granny:they eat meat, so its very difficult.
Me: who said we people don’t meat?, there are so many who do eat meat. may be not at home.
This statement was her breaking one, she could not argue more, infact she declared none of the Brahmins eat meat, and I am arguing for the sake of it.
he he, people of her age, do not want to change, but then I really pity the ignorance, but I like them to stay the way they are, happy contented and living in their own world. Next up I am planning to introduce her to the concept of same sex marriages. Thats going to be a lot of fun isn’t it?.

Random accomplishments:
This week has had a lot of cleaning up, in terms of activities I have always lazily pushed out.
Firstly I went and finished my investments for taxes, I had been postponing this for over a month now.
I went and joined the four wheeler driving classes. If S were to hear this, I am sure she would have shouted “Finally!”. This had been like a 2 year old plan.
I went and fixed my second lasik test appointment, it had been like more than 6 months, since it was due, I Was lazy to go and get them done.
Ah feels really good with nothing left to postpone.

Random Resolutions:
I am not a man of new year resolutions, I don’t remember any of them I have had before, but this year I chose one, just for the heck of it, “NO alcohol in 2008”. I know I had done this for about 3 months in 2007, and I thought it was easy. But this year I want to do it for more time, let me see if I can keep this one.

Random relationship thoughts:
Recently I came across a post about relationship patterns on a very nicely done post “western and russian couple patterns”. One though which came into my mind after reading it though was, how we always see just one person in the foreground, where as there are actually many people supporting him/her. Same goes in relationships. Some times you might just see a single hand, where as there is the other one, down below pushing this one up. A relation need not mean two people being equal all the time, there are times when one needs to be pushed up, and at the same time there are times when you need to feel to be at the forefront, its just natural human tendency to feel a little dominant. But knowing that there is always some one behind and you are not doing it alone is what is important.


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  1. all the best for your new year resolution. may u achieve it!

    i m scared of such groups too, who discuss topics about others in great detail. 🙂

    and, i can’t resist adding ‘poor grandma’ 🙂 i can imagine the look on my grandma’s face if i discuss that with her. :))

    thanks for the wishes, it just kind of amazed me people can observe in so much details, things which do not matter much.
    he he, well it was real fun, discussing with her :).

  2. poor granma…pls let her think the world is just a little screwed up!! or she may get you married off the next day!!

    nice set of random musings…looking forward to the fiction part…:)..and u learning to drive in b’lore wher the traffic never moves…that should be easy 🙂

    Granma was having fun too :).. fiction part I am scared now 😀

  3. hey, forgot to add…. waiting for the fiction series. coming up soon? 🙂

    Hope I won’t disappoint you guys 😀

  4. Finally the driving classes.. What about the car?? I have a long list of what abouts 😉

    Well all set to listen to all of your what abouts 😀

  5. This was an inspiring post to read! I too can’t wait for your fiction! I will be most curious to hear about your driving experiences… yep, been in those groups, but mostly when I was in highschool!!! 🙂

    Hearing about you teasing your grandmother made me miss mine so much!!! I loved talking with them, and luckily I got to see the world a bit through their eyes… and them, maybe a little through mine!

    I really liked your musings on relationships, especially the hand part. Beautiful…

    It was fun arguing with my grandmother :).. and yes the musings, Its worth thinking isn’t it?

  6. The drinking thing…I not suppose to drink because the medication I’m taking. I’m not a huge drinker…but when I had the opportunity to, I liked it. I thought that going without drinking for the nine months (haha, sounds like I’m preggo-but I’m not!) sounded…well, not fun. But truthfully, I don’t miss it. I had one drink after Christmas with a friend, not even enough to give me the slightest buzz and I kind of realized that I had lost that want. Perhaps the same will happen for you.

    Actually the drinking thing, it was not that big of deal, last year also I had done that, I mean start and stop at my will. this time I thought it would be good to do that all year long 🙂

  7. hello
    have I mentioned I like random ramblings post …..anyways
    one I would love to read any fiction you put up
    two ..i was a part of a exclusive girly gang for two weeks …. And yeah they did discuss the guys clothing …. Nothing scary … they just discussed if you look hot in that particular something you wear again and again …..thank God i made my exit in a week …. it seemed so weird it was almost like they kept an index of what everyone wore and how their hair were …. Sick and mind boggling I would say and …definitely scary ……
    and three me and my grannie don’t always end up fighting but yeah discussing in depth about any “modern-kill-traditional-values” topic … like divorces …inter caste marriages …and yeah same sex marriage …. We did end up fighting for that with her calling our generation “angrez” but well …..

    can you seriously do no alchohol in 2008 … nt that I am trying to discourage you or anything …..
    go rambler !!!

    Random Ramblings are one of my favorites, I have mentioned that before here I guess, but some times people find it too varied and some not interesting, but somehow it gives me immense pleasure to read them again after a month or so.
    Ah, the groups are scary, so I was right 🙂
    Well it was not a fight as such, but then it was a fun filled argument :)..
    Well it has worked for 17 days as of now, guess should work for the next 340+ days

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