Strengthening pillars – An answer


Thinking aloud who writes beautifully at “Aalochane“, [Yeah it does mean deep thinking in our language], had once posted a question. Well question would be like an understatement, because it was a wonderfully written poem, about questions and dilemmas we often go through as kids. For people like us, who are at the border of perspectives, where we still are fresh from being the kids, and in the verge of entering parenthood, the dilemma is so obvious. When we have asked the same questions before, it does become really difficult to answer the same to our kids.

So here is the question “I just want you to let me be

I was really impressed with the question, as well as the thought. Just got me wondering what would I answer if someone asks me this. I wanted to gather my thoughts, so I requested TA, if I could attempt an answer. Sweet person that she is, she agreed. And I came up with my answer. This was some time back, and I was not sure if I should post it.

Being a mother, she did come up with an amazing answer A Better You!!! .

I don’t think I have understood, what it means to be a parent, nor do I understand paternal instincts, but still I wanted to answer the question. so here it goes my attempt.


Strengthening pillars

Is it my eyes, or is it just my mind?
I don’t seem to see, the growing you.
I can spot the strength though,
The strength in the decisions you make.
I can spot the maturity though,
Maturity in the options you choose.
Still the child I See in you,
I guess is for the parent in me.
Parent who loves to protect,
Parent who loves to care.
Its the love for you, that makes me say,
Its the care for you, which makes me show the way,
Always trying to make you better.
To make you reach the unseen heights,
Heights which I couldn’t reach,
Love of the people,
compassion towards them,
respect from the society,
passion towards the society,
things I would like you to learn.
Things I would love you to earn.
Its not measuring you, nor it is comparing,
Its just a way to finding you a better yourself.
Don’t make life a struggle.
nor the argument we have as a fight,
the only way to know the truth,
is through the discussions.
Mistake you can make,
its not the pride which is at stake
Its not your stumble which I am concerned
its the courage and strength to get up, I am worried.
I am sure you have that now, and sure will get some more.
You have to do that yourself,
we are here just to guide thyself.


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  1. I can see your children are going to be lucky to have an understanding parent like you 🙂

    Beautiful piece that was!

    Guess a long time away from that 😀

  2. jambo …
    that was really beautiful …. teh thoughts almost flowed in this one … could almost hear a parent saying this to a child …. its perfect !
    i guess every parent does identify with the heights which they could not reach part …..

    glad you could relate to this, not many I guess liked/read this post.. one of my favortes from recent times 🙂

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