Random Randomness #2/08


Random Announcement:
My love for music has finally translated into a blog. I know I already have two other blogs already, but still we hear so much of amazing lyrics, I thought I should have a blog of music I like. So here it is
Song on my mind
it may not be updated very often, but then anytime a song strikes me its gonna go in there.

Random Surprises:
Last week, Wednesday, I decided to work from home, well thats not a big deal I know, but it had been quite some time, where I have stayed alone at home. Not that I need people when I am at home, but it felt strange. Coming from a person, who has stayed home all his childhood, after school with both parents working, from a person who used to hate going out during college and prefer staying home watching TV or studying, this did surprise a lot. What has work life done to me, Can I not stay home one day with no one else, TV had never been so boring to me. What changed?

Random realizations:
I remember writing, how bad I am with goodbyes, “Goodbye, wish I could do it“. Well not much has changed, I still continue to hate goodbyes. I thought we hardly meet nowadays, and its not like friendships are permanent, and there are so many others, and also millions of other new possibilities, friends really do not matter so much, and it must be easy. Well all said, still I hate goodbyes. Just wondering, how people in real relations must feel when they have to say goodbyes. Oh yes, this was all about the small send off I had to do, for a dear friend this week.

Random descrimination:
I had been to the local RTO to get my learners license/permit for LMV [car :)]. It was a Wednesday, mid week, working day, I saw a long queue of people standing, for the first time I felt old, most of the people there seem to be from college. I stood there silently, cursing in mind people who were trying to break the queue, I hate it when it happens. Suddenly I noticed the old guy who was the local official who was supposed to be minding the queue, shouting at a group of women, well he was just talking, but unless a person knows the local language, anybody would have thought he is scolding them. People can be really rude when they speak. Anyways, the women were all middle aged, with couple of them very young and modern, They were at the back of the queue, and there were at least 100 people in front of them. This guy talks to them, and tells them to break the queue and go to the front. Well all this because they are women. May be he would have not done this if there was an old lady waiting, or may be he was really generous for women. This is what irks me, I do not think showing sympathy is the way to achieve equality. In a way I thought it was discriminating against both genders. Do we really think women can’t wait for their turn?, or do women really need such privileges.

Random restlessness:
This week has been a real bad one, no I did not suffer huge financial losses, nor did I have a fight with some one. It was just, pure restlessness. I had no clue what was making me anxious, or what I wanted. I was kind of bored, a little lazy, a little jobless, a little of everything bad I could think of. I just hope the next week will be much better.

Random Matinee:
I have always been early to catch movies I want to see, but off late I am kind of late in watching movies. Two of the movies, whose music I loved a lot were Saawariya, and Salaam E ishq, both box office disasters. I kind of missed them, when they were running in the theaters. The later one is already on TV, and I missed that too. Both the films have been really criticized as bad movies, by critics and people. Anyways my want to watch a movie has never depended on that. So this weekend I decided to watch Salaam E Ishq, I had bought the DVD last time when I was in a video store. I started watching the movie, it was really really bad, I didn’t like it at all, but music was just awesome. The worst part of the movie was it is 3hr 45 minutes in running length, its looooong. But some really good songs.

Random Avatar:
I am not sure if people have noticed, but rambler now has a avatar, and as always late to jump into the bandwagon. I always wanted to find a face to rambler, and I was browsing through deviant art, and came across this picture, rambler has always tried to find his identity, and has found that in so many different ways, I guess the best way to show that would be through this picture. Every finger of the palm is a different person, a different identity. It also stands for the fact that, our identity is in our own hands. So finally here it is, a face to the “Rambler”.

Random thoughts:
Speaking about identity, this week I was stuck with the old question again, who do we blog for. I know all of us have written about it many times, and I myself have some posts which talks about why I blog. When somethings happen to me, say my day to day life instances, people talking to me, me talking to people, why do I need to blog that. When I started the blog, I wanted this to be my online dairy, a talking one, where I wanted real people to respond to the situation, give me suggestion. So how far have I achieved this?, I guess one thing blog has done is that, it has made me more open, I have started sharing things which I wouldn’t have ever dared. I guess I am blogging more and more for myself now. In a way it is good. I might not be getting many suggestions, or may be not many readers as well, but its helping me to articulate a lot of stuff that happens in life, more importantly relive, retrospect my thoughts and actions.

Random pursuit:
Talking about sharing, recently I had a post “Old habits die hard!” about my old habits, its more or less was a set of confessions, which I may not dare to make in person to someone. So has blog world turned into a confession box?. I read an article today in the national daily, which talks how more and more common people are resorting to confession. So have I knowingly fallen into the same bracket?. Is blogging glamorizing confessions in any way?, or is it more of an yellow bloggarisms on the lines of yellow journalism?, to get more readers. You know, when I wrote that post, I wanted to get things of my chest, which kind of remains your secret. Most of them are not that big a crime, but then why confessions now?, why in the blog world. I didn’t find any answer.


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  1. Your queue incident reminds me of my own encounter with one gal at Fun Cinemas when we had gone to watch TZP. During interval, we decided to munch on a few things. Promptly we went and stood behind the rear end of the queue. After sometime, we had proceeded a bit further. Then comes a gal of 21-23 age, looks well educated and from a good background.

    She: Can I cut the queue?
    Me: (not sure of what she wants) you want to go that side?
    She: No, no, I want to break the queue. Its sooo long!!!
    me: (there are so many standing patiently, waiting for their turn) huhh!!! (smiles :o), not sarcastic, more of amused)
    She: (Looks at her friend) Horrible people in the world!!!
    Me:(see, who is telling) If you want to break the queue, thats how it is :o)

    Not that I don’t give my place to anybody. I would have volunteered, if she were to old or sick or something. But just because she feels its so BORING to stand in the queue, I can’t make the fool out of people who are standing patiently behind me. There are so many such incidents these days, all from the much educated group!!! Are we going back in civilization??!!! :o|

    To tell you the truth, I too find long queues very boring, I generally tend to skip standing there, mostly by choosing alternatives. 🙂
    But cutting queues I can’t stand, I have seen that happen even in my office, horrible people cant wait their turn to get coffee, and the queue wont even have 3 people 😦

  2. hmm…quite thought provoking ramblings hr….new blog! that to on songs!..sounds grt 😀 .. hmmm…me to hate goodbyes…only bye is much bttr…blogging is good after all it’s harming no one but sometimes may be giving happiness to so many ppl including our own selves … so kp blogging.

    tk cr 🙂

    Preeti, well I do hate bye’s as well :)..yeah blogging does provide me something to think about also makes me happy, so why not right 🙂

  3. i noticed teh new avatar..and kept forgetting to coment on it..it is awesime..and the queue discrimination sreally sucks :)…i know how irritated you must have felt…

    random thoughts…i too recently wondered where am i going with all this pouring aloud of thoughts…but i feel good when i write something, so whetehr people read it or not, i think x years from now on, i may read my blog and be surprised to see teh change in views, thoughts sty;es…

    you totally said what I thought as well, some days down the year I want to look at my random randomness posts, and just relive those thoughts again. I did that with some of my posts of last year, its such a nostalgic feeling you know, it felt wonderful.

  4. Rambler Nice to read your posts again. It’s always interesting. I had a quick peek at your music blog. Very nice. A lot of work all these blogs.
    About staying home alone. You might be just a creature of habit. i love staying home alone. Than I can find time to read and blog and no moaning children.
    About blogging. Writing about things on your mind is very therapeutic. I am still carefull when I write but than again I put my name and face on the blog.
    I love your avator. I didn’t even know that these things had a name. It’s nice that you have some kind of philosophy behind it.
    Oh and about letting woman first in the queue is in my country not thinkable. It wouldn’t be fair. Although I wouldn’t mind I hate queues
    I mixed all my comments up I think.

    Marja, welcome back.. I think I used to like staying home alone too, but somehow I am not liking it nowadays.
    As far as writing goes, that was the main reason I chose anonymity.

  5. I have been meaning to write you forever about your Avatar. The minute I saw it, I said, that is so Rambler. I love this picture of you!!!!

    Thanks Lea for spotting the “Rambler” in it 🙂

    Rambler, I can hardly do one blog!!! And now you have three!!!! But I know you will have fun with all of them and just add more dimension to all that is Rambler!!!

    Confessions… I don’t know about this… what really is a confession? Is it only something we are ashamed of or don’t want any one to know about? If I share that I had a wonderful day, how is that different than saying something that is secret about me? And if someone is always cranky and dark, and they share that they had a good day, is that a confession? I think I may be splitting hairs here, but how is a blog different than a good story (or even a bad one!!! 🙂 )? As to saying something secret about me, my blog name and face is the me in the everyday world, so that does make a difference of what I share. I sometimes long to be anonymous, but there is too much of me that craves to be seen, so that is who wins this one!!!

    I guess confessions are those you which you wont tell normally otherwise outside about you. it can be a secret, it can be something which you have denied all along, or it could just be a plain fact abotu yourself which nevr came up. I guess when it comes to be seen, I would prefer my thoughts to be seen rather than me 🙂

    Some good byes are harder than others. When I say good bye to my dear friend that lives in England, I get a gut wrench every time.

    I love being at home alone. My husband and I both work out of our homes and have different tolerances to sound. So when I have the house to myself… I love it. But I also know that he will be home at some point and love that too…

    Well having missed almost a week of your posts… this is all so rich and wonderful.

    Thank you Ramber…

  6. hmmm
    so i have run out of languages with hellos …. lol ….
    so hi
    anyways … me likes the new song blog ….
    and no i have never been let to have stand in the front of a line coz i am a girl …..talk about privileges ….nah …..
    salaam-e-ishq …. omg it was almost a torture …. i wanted to see john abraham but teh movie was super bad …. one john did nto look good …. two teh story line was so crappy … and three it was so long ….. i was sooooooo bored …
    and yeah i so totally read the confessions article that came in times life ….
    i never knew about it …geez when i was introduced to the concept of blogger i used to think of it as a confession box …. but then i realized taht it was anythig but a confession box ….. it is much more ..
    i hve always wated to do a get teh things of my chest post ….. about my dad …i think i might ….
    thanks rambler !!!

    Good to see some people visiting my new blog 🙂
    Trust me you wouldn’t want those previlages, I don’t think anyone needs them.
    Saleem-E-Ishq had good music though
    It is definitely not a confession box.
    About the post, you must for sure.

  7. so much to comment on so little time. but i have to agree that i hate goodbyes too. it’s the hardest when we’re the ones being left behind..

    Jos, Well being left behind is again something which is relative, and I feel its always both sides who end up feeling that way.

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