Copycats – Heads or Tails #21


Today’s topic over at skittles for “Heads or Tails” is anything that starts with the letter “C”. and I chose copycats.

Whenever people spot a new born kid, I guess the first reaction in most cases, is he/she looks just like her father, or mother, or grand parent, or like her aunt, or like the neighbor… oops last one just slipped in :).. Anyways the point was that, people do try to match the features of the kid to one of the relatives. In most of the cases it does turn out resembling someone in the family. Even today when people meet my father after knowing me for a long time, they comment “Now we know how you are gonna look when you are old”. Guess somewhere, whether you want or not, “creator” does leave some similarities.

Kids growing up always try to ape parents. Anything the parents eat, they want to taste too. The words they speak too, is very much what parents use. Sometimes the mannerisms are copied so nicely, like the style of walking, I have seen so many kids walking the way their parents do, like folding their hands when they walk, or swaying the way their parents do. The best time to catch them copying someone is when they are playing, they always pretend to be their teacher trying to teach what all they have been taught that day to an imaginary student, or when a girl kid tries to play house, the cooking style is exactly like her mother, or when a guy kid tries to drive an imaginary car, just try to observe the way they move their legs and hands, it would be exactly like their parents.

When kids grow up a little, I guess they try to copy their siblings a lot, girls want to do the same thing as their sisters, like their sibling’s choice in clothes. Guys on the other hand, want to learn the exact same sport as their brothers. Its fun stage I guess, where older siblings are always annoyed with the younger copycats. I am sure every one would have tried to copy the hair style of a sibling, or have fought with parents to get the exact same things as the other sibling.

As teenagers, friends and celebrities become a big inspiration, The attitude is more like, if he/she can do, why not I. The sales people have it very easy with teens, if one kid at school buys it, its almost sure that he/she would be followed by lots and lots of others. Same with celebrities too, late teens are I guess wanting to copy their favorite stars, their hairstyle, fashion, and even attitude. I still remember when the movie Aashiqui was released, and every one in our school was sporting Rahul Roy’s hairstyle and the heroines kind of a hair accessory. Again a fun age to watch the copy cats.

As people become adults, the copy happens more subtly. I mean most of the time we wont even know we are copying. Let my cite an example, when I was in the states alone, for the first time in my life, I was cooking everyday. I mean I had cooked before, but not like a daily routine stuff. I reached there on a weekend, and I didn’t realize the burden of cooking when I had pretty much nothing else to do. The first working week, I realized the time crunch in the morning when I had to cook before I go to office, in the evening as I was watching TV, I saw what vegetables were there in the refrigerator, and I planned what I wanted to cook the next day, and cut them accordingly and placed them in the refrigerator. Next day morning, I woke up, put them in a cooker, placed that on the stove and took my bath as the food was getting ready. and my cooking was done within just 15 minutes extra time. And suddenly it stuck me, I was doing exact same thing what my mom does back in Bangalore. She follows the same routine, watching her 24 years do the same stuff everyday had me copy her even without realizing I was doing it.
I guess as adults the decisions we take and the actions we do, are so much of a replica of people we have seen in the past, we would know exactly so and so would have reacted in the situation. Whenever I am planning my finances, I know I unknowingly follow the way my father would deal with it.

I know its not good to follow, its not good to copy, one has to be the “leader”. All said and done we do copy, we do follow, don’t we?


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  1. Too true! My little one is a complete copycat – she has to do everything that her big sisters do. And they love to copy their dad and I. This was fun to read! 🙂

    Oh the little ones do love to copy, don’t they 🙂

  2. Great post and so true! I must admit, I look just like a female version of my dad!

    Misty.. ah female version of your dad, look carefully you might have lot of qualities of your mom as well 🙂

  3. All the time growing up I wore my wristwatch on my right wrist (I’m right handed) and would flip it so the face was on the bottom side of the wrist. I had once seen my older sister do that and thought she was the coolest person ever! 😉

    Happy HoT!! 🙂

    Frigga, Did you ever tell it to her in person, I am sure she would have loved that one 🙂

  4. Greta post… I am seeing the example of it in yet another generation when my son tries to ape my husband!!!
    Wish you a Happy Pongal/Sankranthi/Lohri

    Hey Preerti, well we all do, don’t we ape our dads in a way 😀

  5. My toddler is definitely a little copy cat of me, it’s actually kind of cute. 🙂

    Natalie..I am sure you would have enjoyed seeing the toddler copy 🙂

  6. While growing up, I had it drilled into to me to never, ever copy others… Then in graduate school I had the best art therapy teacher . She not only encouraged us to look at each other’s work, but to copy each other as well. She said that this was to not only inspire us, but by trying on each other’s style, we would come to find our own style. I have never forgotten this and it has freed me up so much. Copying is how we learn to know ourselves…

    Lea, sometimes it really does not work the way we want, the subconsiousness is much smarter then our conscious selves :)..
    But then when it comes to exchange of ideas, I do not think there is copy in there, I guess adopting some ones style, addes their virtues to ours

  7. very nice post rambler… i just wanna know who told you one must be the leader??? that is a position of control i don’t want… do you????

    Paisley being a leader need not mean being a controller, it can mean finding a new way and showing it to others for them to explore more.

  8. finally i reach teh latest post ….
    now what a post we have here …. copycat is a word which is likely to spark off a fire in the teen world …. i dnt think there is a single teen who would like to be told that you copy this person or thet celeb ….this is a age when we think that “i am me” .. you know …. no one is like me and i aint like no one … everyone has their own persona and basically original is better than a copy ….
    isnt this what half of the names on orkut say …. lol

    so it does prove me you’re a teenager :), I guess we strive to be different, but then to be different we need to be someone and then try to change 😀

    in hearts of hearts we know that we copy but its just that weird i am me syndrome that we carry all the time with us ……
    in all it is big issue …atleast in high school …
    i am like a female photocopy of my dad ….. and we are both librans ….. but i never knew that all along i tried to copy him …. the way he read the newspaper … the way he ate … the way he talked … the way he arranged his desk …. lol
    insightful post …. rambler

    Good you mention that, but then how many times did you try to copy, and how many times you realized that you were a copy.. I am sure numbers would surprise you

    p.s. my sister would die before she copied me …. that is what she says ….but after reading this …. there are certain habits which we have in common ….. now .. i would nt tell her … that will piss her off … big time ….
    but it goes in the “ammos against sisters” box

    hehheh, tell her to read the post 🙂

  9. It’s scary isn’t it how we find ourselves turning into our parents! The good things are fine, but when one finds oneself doing exactly the same thing one did not like in one’s parents! No parents is perfect and that is why I keep telling my kids, don’t become me! develop your very own negative points! 😉

    Nita, I really don’t find it scary, some times I like it when I realize I have turned out to be a copy. As far as negative points though, I am sure parents are watching over us to correct them 😉

  10. Great post. You reminded me of something I’ve often noticed when I’m out and about. I’ve often seen little boys walking alongside their fathers, copying their dads’ walks, gestures, etc – it always makes me laugh to see a four year old with a big, macho stride. I guess the copying is how we learn, before we’re old enough to work things out for ourselves. Thanks for visiting my blog – have a lovely week!

    Good observation you have made, you can almost see the similarities, more importantly the admiration in the eyes.

  11. Another thoughtful and insightful post! When I was little I made a mental list of things I would never do or say when I became a mother. Things I thought at the time were “bad.” Of course when I really did have kids I found myself doing and saying so many of those things. Now I see my kids repeating them to their kids!

    Copying can sometimes be good.. as can following. 🙂

    Skittles…. Well we don’t have so much control as we think on things we do :)..

  12. hey rambler…copying is good…its a phase of life…and most times we may add one more variant to it , which gets copied by teh next generation and so on!!!

    TA, ah I like the idea, modifying something, leaving behind our personnel touch 🙂

  13. yeah, there is truth in that. though appearance-wise i dont think i copy anyone. i prefer to be different. it’s more original that way. haha.

    but one i do copy a lot is class works. i mean not the serious one, but you know like tutorials i forgot to do or exercises im just to lazy to figure out. i know it’s bad but i cant help it. im really trying to not do it anymore though..

    Well sometimes “original” is so hard to define :), well copying for school is a total different ball game 🙂

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