Could they be more accurate?

Your True Birth Month Is January

Easily jealous
Loves children
Rather reserved
Highly attentive
Likes to criticize
Needs close friends
Ambitious and serious
Smart, neat and organized
Hardworking and productive
Loves to teach and be taught
Quiet unless excited or tensed
Sensitive and has deep thoughts
Knows how to make others happy
Searches for the greatest romance
Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds
Romantic but has difficulties expressing love
Always looking at people’s flaws and weaknesses

What’s Your True Birth Month?


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  1. hey, i tried it out and got a perfect response. each and every thing about me was correct. 🙂

    hey you should put that out on your blog :), lets also read what it said 😀

  2. Hmmm, capricorn isn’t it? So when is it? Do you belive in star signs?

    Akshatha, actually I am a virgo, this was just the analysis based on few questions in the test, and I don’t believe in star signs 🙂

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