Everytime I hear the doorbell,
With someone knocking on my door,
Sometimes with a smiling face,
Sometimes with sheer seriousness,
Sometimes with the hand extended,
Sometimes with force to break open.

I find myself at the crossroads,
both uncertain,
both leading to “myself”.

Left to decide,

To strengthen the wall?
To open myself up?


Prompt over at writer’s island this week is “Crossroads/Fork in the road… so here’s my attempt at the prompt



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  1. sometimes its difficult to weigh things in… are you going here or are you going there. but sooner a light will shine and will give you the answer. nice post 🙂

    Totomai, sooner a light will shine, wish I could believe that with every crossroad I hit..

  2. Great piece. When should we open up? I leave that one to intuition.

    Marja, I guess we all have our ways, some or more instinctive and some very less 🙂

  3. I think the walls need to be height-adjustable. What works today may not be what’s needed tomorrow.

    Very nice poem.

    Robin, now thats an interesting take, of adjustable heights 🙂

  4. i LIKE this a lot…:)…i just wondered how i could make a poem with thisprompt when obviously swarn decided to make my day 🙂

    when do you open up?…i think its more instinctive, don’t you think so?…

    TA, I liked the in caps LIKE 🙂

    When do I open up?, I have to admit very rarely and never based on instinct, I generally take long time to know someone before opening up.. I just read this, this does sound a lot like a woman

  5. A good question…one I should really ask myself..I have a tendency to put up a wall..automatic response..but I should give the other the benefit of the doubt, right? Good one! Thank you.

    We got to try giving benefit of doubt, but Its not so easy as we think, walls big and strong 🙂

  6. awesome take on it, the door…i would never have thought of that!
    just answer it. 😉

    Jen, to be honest I did couple of times, but not lucky so far 🙂

  7. I like this. Surely lets you see there are decisions to make on all different levels of life.

    Jadey, decisions are always there to be made, and wherever there are decisions there is choices to be made and so the crossroads 🙂

  8. Excellent. If we could see through walls it would be easier to decide who to let in.

    Totally herb, if we could see through walls, it would have made it a lot easier.

  9. Well written!Reminded me for a moment of “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost 🙂

    Many a time we stand at the crossroads of life and in the end it is best to just abide by what we feel is right,being true to ourselves and others involved in that situation.

    Thanks Sameera..

  10. Good metaphor. I just came from a friend who never locks her doors, while I lock mine every night. My daughter-in-law and her mother (who both live in my house) keep the doors locked day and night. Hmmm. What does this say about us? If I lived alone I’d probably have 17 locks on the door….

    What about guy like me who does not mind not locking front door, but keep myself always locked…

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