Life without senses – Heads or Tails#22


Today’s topic over at skittles for “Heads or Tails” is “One of the senses”. I slightly changed it and chose to write about all of them. In fact, in a way, none of them. What would be the state of human life without senses is what I chose.

Just got me to wonder, what a life it would be without any of the senses. I mean can’t see, hear, touch/feel, smell nor taste. You know the heart continues to beat, but there is hardly any life left. What a life that would be. Is that the state of coma?.

So much of our consciousness is through senses, the way we perceive things is so much dependent on things we have sensed from long, so what if a person is born without any senses at all, would he live a life where he is totally unaware of things going around him?. The idea is so vague that I can’t even imagine how he would live, what would be his memories?. Speaking of memories, so much of our memories are from senses, just wondering if you can’t feel anything, what would we remember?. Does it mean most of our organs are indirectly dependent on our senses?.

What about emotions without senses, would humans still continue to have emotions, if you think emotions like happiness, sorrow, love or affection should not really depend on the senses you see, not all of them can be defined fully. Shouldn’t they be felt from the inside, so going by that defitions, one should continue to “feel” emotions even without the senses.

Just looking at emotions from the other angle, Don’t emotions need a trigger too?, before we get into the trigger, ets first look at the different emotions, popularly termed nava rasas, Sringaram (Love) Hasyam (Comedy/happiness) Karuna (Kindness) Raudram (anger), Viram (Heroism) Bhayanakam (Fear) Bibhatsam(Odious), Adbhutam (Wonder) Santam (Tranquility)

Just wondering how many of these would get triggered without senses? According to many philosophers all emotions are triggered by thoughts, Thoughts themselves are mainly triggered by things we perceive, which again is dependent on senses.

Origin of thoughts in turn is a huge debate in philosophy. Origin can be traced to many things, they could be memories from the previous thought process, or the feelings from the current state of mind, generated by any of the senses, or any of the emotions. Definitions look all tangled up, don’t they?.

May be without senses, one may not even have emotions or thoughts too. Now this makes it a life without senses, emotions and thoughts, I can’t imagine what else would be left. What a life that would be!.


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  1. I think I would rather be dead…it doesn’t sound like much of a life…

    Hmm Dead would be a strong word Robyn.. I guess we never give the true value to life, until we begin to loose it.

  2. You are right – I can’t possibly imagine how different life would be. As Robyn said – it doesn’t sound like much of a life.

    Misty, Yep!, I too can’t imagine 🙂

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  4. The part that stood out for me was the sense of smell and triggers. There are so many smells that trigger wonderful memories for me!

    Skittles, Oh totally, the smells does trigger awesome memories, of people, place and things 🙂

  5. Wow – very deep. Controlled experiments have been carried out involving sensory deprivation, and results showed that people became very deluded and prone to hallucinations as a result. Great post. Happy Tuesday!

    Siani, imagine not even knowing there is something called sense 🙂

  6. Very thought-provoking. Nope! Can’t do it! I like my senses just fine where they are. 🙂
    Happy Tuesday!

    Thanks Autumn, he he right, we are all fine the way we are..

  7. Wow! You really made me think!! Is there life without senses? I can’t imagine there would be. And if you had all your senses and then lost them all, could you stay sane? Almost impossible to imagine! 🙂

    Julie, I too can’t imagine, as you said I am not even sure if that could be called sane

  8. Wow, this was a wonderful exercise in thinking. Like contemplating the infinity of the universe. I thought I “got it” a couple times, but then went whoa, no way! Fascinating. It reminds me of Helen Keller. She had language but no sight or hearing. I can’t imagine what that was like.

    Thanks Andree.. isn’t life always like that, just when you think you got it, you go in the maze yet again 🙂

  9. Interesting piece to read. Yes I think you are a plant without your senses. If you don’t get information in you can’t react to anything.

    Marja, Well plant do sense.. we would be worst than that I guess

  10. Great post. I’ve always heard that the sense of smell is the oldest to humans, we can recognize a smell that we were exposed to even in the womb. Life without senses would be a debacle for me!

    Baldwinsgirl.. didnt know about this, I always thought it was hearing which is oldest to humans 🙂

  11. woah!
    for school speeches we got given the sentance
    “i could not live without….”
    I immediately thought of senses
    thank you so much,
    just reading your text has helped me
    in my speech
    and realising, I would be hopeless
    so inhuman
    I realize how much I take each one for granted!

    Thank yu

    Hey all the best for your speech

  12. Omg I can’t beleive I finally found a blog on this. I have had this on my mind for so long, and I’m glad there is someone out there with the same wonders.

    Unfortunately I was looking for answers, but I didnt find any.

  13. If you have no senses all you are is thought, wich might derive from one initial spontaniuous thought and wondering about where this thought came from. I think this person would be the worlds best philosopher, this person has no distractions, doesn´t need to concentrate on things like eating, other people, money, hunger, thirst, cold, emotions, desires, it might be the perfect state in wich to reach inlightment. No concept of life or death, just thought.

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