Torn paper.


One could easily see the love for each other in their eyes, its not that they did not try to hide it, but the love and admiration for each other was too much for them to hide. It was almost as if they want to ignore it. They had read a lot about the work place romances, and their ill effects on each others career, and both of them did not want to risk their careers, something which they had achieved with lot of hard work.It did not come easy to him, he had always dismissed the idea of falling in love with someone, or idea of a relationship. She on the other hand had experienced it once, and knew the importance and the happiness in it. She seemed more calm, but still apprehensive about the unfolding events.

They were never a typical couple, they never hung out much together while at work, nor physically close to each other all the time. They did not even hang out much after work, both busy with their own personal lives after work, it was as though “love” was ironic in
their case.

What held them together was their countability to each other, anyday she could be sure that she could count on him for anything. Same was his case, he could trust her with anything when needed. No there was no money involved and no favors too, it was just the emotional support they sought in each other. The bond was growing stronger, with every shared thought on high and low days they spent together.

He always had a thing for single moms, no he was not of the types who would lust at the possible sight of a hot single mom. He had a theory that any person who has lost something would value it better, so a single mom would value love and commitment more than anything in her life, this is what he believed in.

It was not easy for her being a single mom, she had a lot many people in her frame, and more importantly her kid. The decisions she made was no longer totally hers, she had a kid to think about. It was not easy for him either, the society he lived in was not mature enough to handle a good hearted relationship with a single mom. All people thought, was that, he is an unmarried bachelor, trying to take advantage of a lonely single mother.

The kid was old enough now to accept the lack of a father, more importantly it was old enough to want one, he was filling the shoe very nicely. Even though they never noticed, the kid was beginning to accept the rare visitor.

He did not speak much, even when he was around once in a while helping her. One thing she noticed was that he was never sympathetic, he was never sorry for her, he treated her normal, just like any other woman, with equality in his own way. This is what had drawn her to him. More importantly he was open to accept her help whenever she offered, it may not be big things, just simple chores, she loved this quality of his.

After a lot of effort, and lots more thinking, he finally did it, he did propose to her. She knew this would happen some day, but she was surprised at herself for not giving an instantaneous yes, she did ask for a couple of days to think it over. She thought this would be a formality, and was sure she would say yes.

It turned out it was not a formality after all, every time she wanted to dial him up and say yes, there was some force which stopped her, she was not happy saying yes, she doubted, no not him, but herself, she doubted her worth, wondered if she was spoiling everyone’s life here. She was now spotting in herself, what others had seen in her. The “tear”, the feeling of a torn paper was eating her. She feared that how much ever she tries to
glue it together, people will spot the tear. After a lot of thinking, she decided to move on, leave the city and take the job at a distant place.

He too did move on, he married the one chosen by his family, not that he was very sad either, he had really moved on.

What she failed to realize was that it was not only her who left with a “tear”, it was also him, the paper did tear in his case too.

The paper did tear.


photo courtesy Smibee


7 responses »

  1. damn,, you are really getting good at this.. this flowed so nicely and kept my attention thru out … very nice!!!!!!

    Thanks Paisley.. I think this was one of my weakest stories 🙂

  2. Communication becomes so important sometimes. Worst is, when it is utmost required people tend to keep mum!!!

    You have a very good point, communication does become very important.

  3. What a great story and very believable. I loved the expression “the tear” and that she forgot about his feelings.

    Marja, Sometimes feelings become so personal that even perfect matches cannot share them

  4. unusual concept. Great going rambler!
    Although in Some places the narration was slacking, the overall effect was good!

    Thanks for the honest comments :), I was not entirely happy with my story.. Lets see how the next ones turns out 🙂

  5. beautiful story. but a pity isnt it? two people just right for each other failed to meet? 😦

    Well, pity yes, There are so many uncertainties in life, we may chose to be a safer sadness over an unknown happiness

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