Question …


Why did you give me life?.
I ask.
Why did you give me life?.

Warming sun, melting ice,
Extinct animals, cut tree,
Lack of water, and no fuel too,
to top it all, hole in Ozone too.

People fighting all around,
Religion, Country, Power and more.
People dieing all around,
Hunger, War, Terror and more.

“Humanity”, no more,
“Harmony”, distant,
“Humbleness”, forgotten,
“Honesty”, no takers.

Why did you give me life?.
I ask.
Why did you give me life?.

Simple as he looks,
With not much of a fuss,
With expressions that, as though tell,
“You’re not the only one with question,
With calmness enough to settle a sea storm,
He smiles as he says,
“You’re alive to keep others alive”
As I had said before, I had stopped doing Totally Optional Prompts, The topic over there yesterday was “Why are we here, why are we alive”. This made me think a little more. And I break my routine, and post this one. Every time I get frustrated looking at the problems around, I feel the same thing, why is life still existing, just thought that this could be the possible reason, may be some one up there wants us to help others, keep others alive.


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  1. Hey, that’s an interesting thought, that we’re/you’re alive to keep others alive. Communication is a big thing and your gifts certainly lie in that direction.
    Why did you give me life? I think you have the answer!

    Thanks STG, sometimes we need to think what all we can do rather, what we cannot know for sure..

  2. There have been times… when your comments, or your posts, have been a breath of fresh air for me… and from you I found something to shift my attitude just enough to see the sun shine through the clouds…

    Lea.. Thank you so much..I wish that all of us always get the sight to spot the sunshine through the clouds.

  3. One at a time. Just one at a time. I’m glad you chose to respond to the prompt this week!

    Tumblewords.. yeah exactly one at a time by everyone would be awesome 🙂

  4. hey come on. lifes not allllllllll that bad. 🙂 nice poem, though.

    Oh I wasn’t talking abotu life.. but you get to see so many people hurting, thats when you feel why should we live, so why not live to make others life better?.. just a thought

  5. i used to question this too some time ago. but have since stopped. now, i just live one day at a time.

    i like how you ended this.

    Living one day at a time good idea, but we all can think about others right.

  6. This poem had an interesting flow.

    The question’s answer may make us feel overwhelmed on the one hand, but on the other, there are so many ways to help people, just acknowledging someone’s presence can make a difference in their survival.

    I LOVE your “Wanna Think?!” column in the side bar.

    Marcia, I think you are the only person who went through that 🙂

  7. I find myself asking such questions at times and in the end,the answer is more or less the same!

    We are meant to live 🙂

    Sameera, hey nice to know you think in the similar way.

  8. Very thoughtprovoking poem . I think there is still a lot to be alive for. I believe in the butterfly effect. If you make one little change in your environment it has in the long term big consequences, so as you said we do keep others alive

    Long term consequences, I liked that thought

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